No one mourns you if you haven’t done something out of the ordinary, that too something positively extraordinary. Except,of course,your family and maybe a handful of friends.And why exactly should someone be mourned?What exactly demands that we be mourned when we depart,in any case? Primarily, one’s body of work,you can say. Or one’s standing in society’s eyes,which is basically a slippery slope,but a slope nevertheless.
Take me for an example. If and when I die,as all men must one day, what legacy would I leave behind? As someone has rightly said, respect has to be earned. It’s all well and good that I  seemingly have some admiration among people, especially my colleagues and more so among my juniors. But how lasting or transient is that respect? Is it something that I will still command when I die? Will I be talked about in revered tones? Will people say,” this man,he did good.he led a life we look  up to.” At the moment, that seems unlikely. Highly unlikely. And why is that? Let’s see.
More than 7 billion people inhabit our planet. Millions die every day. Millions more arrive daily as well. Our arrival is obviously an important occasion, each one of us. Some more so than others. But it is what we do after arriving here,on this rare planet,that decides what we take with us after death. Certainly not wealth or assets,or family or any of the other crap that people espouse. But philosophically speaking,our actions and the resulting fame/infamy,that stays long after we have gone. That too,when we do something that is up and above the mundane happenings of our daily lives. I mean eating,sleeping and maybe providing for one’s family,while respectable,is not something that is special. It’s something that is expected of us. We come into this world to provide for our families and to procreate. So that goes without saying. But what are we doing apart from that. So what have I done that comes in that realm? Doing engineering? Millions of engineers are churned out every year. Doing a govt job? No big deal,especially when it’s not even permanent. Providing for family? Routine job. Duty even. As things stand, I am a nobody. Just like billions of others. At the moment, I am one of those who won’t even be a footnote in history, unless I do something to seize my destiny. Death will take me away,like everyone I know and don’t know. But what am I going to do before she comes to take me in her arms,for that sweet sleep, that I am remembered by?


  1. Yeah… We r nothing…
    I think its a reciprocat of everythng…
    We r nthng but feel sumthng(special) when sum1 make us feel so…
    So I think its a vice versa process…
    N yeah abt title…
    Only if someone want to… Sum don’t don’t their wish.. Even if you do…
    Sum1 will mourned if they want to…
    Your deeds-acts affects less on that perspective.

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