7 Thoughts On What Valentine’s Means To Me


Something geeky/nerdy first up.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th Feb every year i.e. 14/02 which is equal to 7 (14/02=07). So we’ll consider 7 points about what that means to me.

1. Valentine’s Day on a Sunday means both good and bad for me. Good because I can stay at home, without looking at the outside world; bad because when I eventually go out in the evenings (one won’t stay holed up in his room all day after all!), I’ll have to come across couples celebrating the occasion. Tsk tsk.

2.  Spending the day, and the preceding week as a single has its own benefits. I managed to go out last night with a dear friend and colleague (who, I should hurriedly add is a male, as also the fact that I’m totally straight, before you arch your eyebrows questioningly! 😀 ) to watch Deadpool. Had I been “committed”, I’d maybe have to abort that plan and go for either Sanam Re or Fitoor, both of which I’m giving a pass. They aren’t my cup of tea/coffee/soup/whatever! I just don’t care!


3.  Watching action or crime movies on the computer or phone and generally trying not to feel alone is what I’d be doing I guess. I’d also be following the coverage of international cricket matches in New Zealand, South Africa and India, as well as the U-19 World Cup final match in Bangladesh where varying time zones would mean that I’d be occupied from 3 in the morning till midnight if I remain diligent. And I’ve always been diligent! Ha ha. In the absence of a date on that date, I am resorting to the best weapon we nerds have had since the discovery of Heliocentric model of the Universe!


4.  Valentine also means a recalling of the name of the West Indies spinner Alf Valentine whose exploits with fellow spinner Sonny Ramadhin at Lord’s ground in London sometime in the 1960s led to the famous calypso song “Cricket lovely cricket..” Not that I’m a big fan of Mr. Valentine, but in the absence of better things to do – like looking into the magical eyes of a gorgeous lass – I think looking into the eyes of history is what I would do. 😄

5. Looking at other couples (who – hopefully not – maybe have a lot of strife in their own lives) and thinking how good it would be to being with someone, again!

6.  Sometime in the recent past, it was an occasion for me too to look forward to. I had my own strife like those happy couples I so resent now. Thankfully, now I only resent those who got to watch Interstellar or The Force Awakens in cinemas. Life is – sigh! – so uncomplicated now.


7.  Keeping the hope alive and being optimistic that next year would, maybe, be a time for me to leave the confines of my four walls and walk hand-in-hand with someone I could call my Valentine (and vice-versa!)

Long live hope! Hope is dead!

Bonus point :  This one is more of an appeal. Let’s use this day to love our fellow human beings and not hate them on the basis of the several divisions we have created. And for those who ridicule the day as spoiling Indian culture, there are far worse crimes and issues we face today guys. Let’s not demonize a symbol of love in an age where we could all do much better with a bit more love in our lives.

If you’ve got this far, I salute your patience and wish a Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Thanks as usual for reading the post.

Do share your thoughts on what the occasion means to you in the comments section.

All Images Coutesy : Google Images.


    1. First up, thanks for taking time out to read the post and giving your invaluable feedback.
      I don’t know about you, but I guess it’s a universal truth that Man (and especially men), run after what he doesn’t have!
      God bless. 🙂


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