Musical Flings : My Twin Experiences Today


Ever experienced the feeling when you wake up one day and suddenly a song that’s playing on your phone/iPod/radio catches on your lips (called zubaan pe chadh jaana in Hindi), on to the mind and suddenly acquires the whole being of your awakened consciousness for the day (or next few days)? You surely have. I guess all of us have experienced what I would like to call musical flings, and quite a number of times in our own lives. Some stay on to dazzle us for life and become lifelong affairs while others fade away with time. I had another (actually a couple of) such flings today.

My phone’s music player was putting out songs in the order they were added to the playlist. Suddenly, this song played.

It was “Viva La Vida” from British rock band Coldplay’s 2008 album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends.

The guitar, the church bells and the other instruments that are used to make the superb tunes in the song, plus the stirring lyrics (referred to the Wikipedia page to understand the biblical references) make for a heady concoction.

I hear Jerusalem bells are a-ringing,
Roman cavalry choirs are singing,
Be my mirror my soul and shield,
My missionaries in a foreign fields,
For some reason I can’t explain,
I know St. Peter won’t call my name,
Never an honest word,
But that was when I ruled the world.

The various ways in which Chris Martin tells us of the futility of our actions and how the gates of heaven won’t open for us (plus alluding to the French Revolution and celebrating life) stick to the lips. No wonder it won, among others, the Song of the Year at Grammy Awards! This song was referred to me by my friend Deepak and had heard it once earlier but honestly, it wasn’t exactly love at first hearing. But today, the song somehow connected to the acoustic neurons in my head so much so that it was at the front, back and centreΒ  even when I was taking classes, having my lunch and taking shower (those happened non-chronologically! πŸ˜› ).


Another song that jostled with Viva La Vida for neuromuscular attention (and crooning space) was a Punjabi song called “Aadatan(Habit) by Gurnazar featuring Sahil and DJ G.K. shared by a lady friend of mine. This one is a melancholy love ballad of sorts, in a punk rock mix (I guess!), or maybe a song reworked by the DJ. I frankly don’t know whether this is the original version or not. What I do know is that I loved it!

The song would have been similar to most other Desi heartbreak songs but for those lovely lines and the rock tunes. I’d confess that I’m no music reviewer (in fact I have a very limited idea of various musical instruments and their tunes and genres) but like most people, I love good music and this song – it’s pretty darn good! The lyrics are like this

Oh tu kahve bhul jaa
Das kive bhulava main
Oh yadaan teriyan
Das kive mitawa main..(2x)

Oh dil naiyo lagg da chandre nu
Teri aadatan pai gaiya
Oh dil naiyo lagg da chandre nu
Teri aadtan oh dil naiyo

which (hopefully) translate to something like

You ask me to forget (you), tell me how do I forget?
How do I erase those memories of yours?
My (chandre’s) heart is restless
I’ve got used to you……”

Again I’d like to clarify that I understand the Punjabi language only a bit (didn’t understand about half of this song!) but whatever little I understood was enough for me to get what the singers were trying to convey – the pain of losing a loved one and the craving to get him/her back. Show me a soul that doesn’t love songs of longing. Plus, don’t they say the language of music is universal?

I know these two songs will go back to a corner of my consciousness a few days from now, ceding the forefront to some other gem, content in the knowledge that their place in my list of memorable flings is assured. But for the moment, I’m loving them. And I’m all the more grateful for having heard them. All credit to the songs’ composers for the lyrics and music. And no, I’m in no way trying to compare the two songs; only loving them both! 😍 πŸ’‹

Do check out the two videos. Share your experiences on musical flings in the comments section. What songs or genres you like to hear?

P.S. – I’m still listening to the two on loop. πŸ˜‰



  1. The same will happen to me yesterday…. I was traveling in bus and my near by a friend’s mobile rings the famous newly released ‘sanam re Sanam re’ n I was than after sing song silently through out traveling

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