Kidney Education Foundation

Think for a moment about the costliest piece of apparel you have before we get down to the main part of this post – a suit, a blazer, a pair of Italian shoes, a designer saree, anything. It is highly likely that you take care of that apparel like you’d care for your most cherished treasure, or would you? What is your most cherished treasure, something that is priceless? Before you ponder on that, let me answer that for you. It’s your body and your health!!!

We generally take our health for granted, not caring what we’re putting our hardworking system through. One such part of the system is the kidney. These bean-like structures at the sides of our abdomen continuously keep cleaning the blood to take excess water and toxic waste out of the body. Today is the World Kidney Day. But for the kidney functioning properly, we’d struggle to do even the most basic works. The increasingly sedentary lifestyles and unsafe food habits mean that we are at an ever-widening risk of suffering kidney ailments. Some common causes of kidney diseases are diabetes, hypertension and glomerulonephritis (swelling or inflammation of the tiny filtering units (nephrons) in the kidney). A family history of such problems complicates matters further because descendants of such people are at a higher risk than others. Many a times we are unaware of the dangers we are facing just because we don’t have proper understanding and guidance about our body.

Kidney Education Foundation Logo

It is in this regard that I’d like to introduce you to the work being done by Dr. Sanjay Pandya, senior nephrologist from Rajkot, Gujarat. To create awareness among people regarding kidney health, Dr. Pandya, in 2006, wrote a book in Gujarati titled “Tamari Kidney Bachao” which translates to “save your kidney.” To counter the language barrier,he translated it in Hindi and English so that the benefits of the book could reach a wider audience. The book got a tremendous reception in medical and health circles which led Dr. Pandya to start the Kidney Education Foundation (KEF) in 2010, a not-for-profit organization whose sole aim is to educate the general public about kidney health. He also started a website for the same, Dr. Pandya and Dr. Tushar Vachchhrajani, the international liaison officer for the KEF, got in touch with the leading nephrologists of the world who – impressed with the noble cause – translated the book in their own languages. Today, the book and the website are available in 25 languages, including 11 Indian and 14 international languages. The good thing for a layman is that the book is available for free on the website. I’d recommend, nay request you to kindly pay the site a visit and spread the word about it. It’s a special day so why not start today. You might never need the wisdom provided by the site and the book but someone you know just might. It’s all about caring for each other. That’s what makes us human anyway, isn’t it?

If you have questions regarding kidney health, kindly visit Dr. Pandya’s office at
…….. (address)

And remember, the book is available for download FREE of charge on the website.

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  1. Yes…. So now this is the subject of my interest … I really had some doubts regarding this donation… N I’ll surely refer this website…
    Thanks for sharing & spreading such informative post…
    Keep on sharing such 👍✌

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