Stay Strong


We live, we love, we feel, we grow. But sometimes life, being the unpredictable damsel she is, hits us with an animal force in the gut, leaving us confounded, writhing in pain and feeling for our loss. This post is dedicated to a fellow blogger who recently lost her mother. While I don’t know her personally and can never actually live her pain, these lines are to tell her that this WordPress family of hers shares in her grief and that we are here with her in these tough times.

To Bhavya,

Wo hamesha rahegi tumhare saath,

Unki ibaadatein rahengi tumhare paas.

Waqt le gaya unhein tumhare daaman se chheen ke magar,

Saaya tumhara qadam-dar-qadam rahegi wo bankar.

Tum bulandiyon ko fatah karo ye unka khwahish-o-khwaab tha,

Jis rehguzar pe chal padi ho uska manzil ho aapka,

Na hoga aasaan ye jaanta hu main magar,

Tumhari saabit qadmi ko maanta hu har dar,

Na bujhne dena apne dil se umeed ka chirag,

Wo chahti hogi khushiyon ka ho tumhe firaaq.

She’ll always stay with you,

Her prayers will be with you,

Time has taken her away from your hands but,

She’ll be your shadow every step of the way.

Her dream and wish was to see you scale heights,

May the destination of the road you’ve started on be yours,

I know it won’t be easy but,

I know you’re perseverant come what may.

Don’t let the lamp of hope be extinguished from your heart,

She’ll want you to search for happiness.

I have no delusions of being a poet and these might be an awful few lines but I hope you can take strength from these and grow ahead in your life. That’s what “she” would have wished for. God bless you.

Here is the link to her wonderful blog. I would request you all to visit it.

Thanks for reading.

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    1. This is the least one could have done, isn’t it?
      I just hope it helps her, that’s all.
      Thanks a lot for reading and commenting as well as for the follow.
      Have a good day ahead. God bless. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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