Game Of Thrones Season 6 Premiere Review


I will be reviewing the whole of Game Of Thrones (GOT) season 6.

Be warned though, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS….








Season 6’s opening sequence doesn’t show any new addition to the geography of the continents but still looks and feels great, without question.

At the Wall :

The season premiere picks up right where season 5 ended. The million-dollar question of Jon Snow’s fate is taken up right after the credits roll. Let’s get this clear at the outset — JON SNOW IS DEAD. LIKE REALLY DEAD. However, that doesn’t mean he can’t be resurrected. Okay! That load off the chest, we can get on with the rest of the episode. As Ser Davos and a few trusted brothers stand guard over Jon’s body, Melisandre mentions that she saw Jon in the flames, fighting a battle at Winterfell. Maybe a hat-tip to the forthcoming “Battle of the Bastards”, the battle sequence for this season? C’mon, no one really believed they had seen the last of Jon Snow, did they? But that’s for another day.

Winterfell :

Ramsay mourns Myranda’s death but asks for her body to be thrown to the hounds, saying it’s “good meat.” Roose isn’t happy with him for letting both Sansa and Theon, heirs to their respective kingdoms, run away. Since he committed treason by getting him married to Sansa Stark, he now needs all of the North to rally behind him for the inevitable battle against the Lannister army. Ramsay is in a tight spot given that he lost his bride, the one who could have given him an heir and legitimised him completely as a Bolton and also because Wanda supposedly has a boy child in her womb. Roose doesn’t waste time in reminding him of either of these things. Maybe Ramsay will kill Wanda after all. Seems quite natural for him to do, right? And also, Roose wanted to reward the “man” who killed Stannis. That should put a full stop to Stannis Baratheon’s Iron throne dreams. Bye, bye, babykiller!

Sansa and Theon/Reek run away from the castle. There is a short, poignant scene between the two that shows that Reek may finally be well and truly back as Theon. They are about to be captured by the Bolton soldiers when Brienne and Podrick arrive to rescue them. Finally, Brienne does something right after all these seasons. Reek and Podrick both kill a man each for the first time too. Haah! As Brienne offers her loyalty to Lady Sansa again, she looks at Theon who nods positively. That sets it up nicely for Sansa to take up House Stark banners again.

King’s Landing :

Cersei, lost in her thoughts, runs to the harbour on hearing the news that a ship from Dorne has landed at the docks. Cersei’s expecting a reunion with Myrcella when her joy turns to ashes in her mouth (see what I did there! 😀 ) As Cersei and Jaime mourn her later in their chamber, Cersei references the flashback scene in season 5 and how the witch’s prophecy is coming true. This is supposed to be one of many references to past seasons that were teased by director Neil Marshall in his interaction with the media last week. Jaime promises her that they’d take back all that has been taken from them. So this season should see the two coming closer again.

In the Faith Militant’s dungeon, the High Sparrow tries to convince Margaery to confess but she says she’s innocent. When he asks her whether she is pure, free of sins, she says, “None of us are.” He sees reform in her but says she has a long way to go. Will Margaery crack? I don’t think so.

Dorne :

As a message is delivered regarding Myrcella’s death, Ellaria and her daughter take the chance to assassinate Doran, with Ellaria commenting on how weak he and his son both are, how he never avenged either his brother or his sister. Her other two daughters finish off prince Trystane too. Dorne seems to be on a warpath with the Lannisters finally. There is mutual hatred on both sides. I don’t see Ellaria or her daughters surviving this season’s finale.

Meereen :

Varys and Tyrion are roaming the streets of the city to check on its citizens.They discuss how Dany’s absence has irked both the slaves she freed as well as the Sons of the Harpy. In a while though, they see the whole city on fire. Tyrion has to take control fast I think before things go out of hand. There’s a city to be governed!

Ser Jorah and Daario are on Dany’s trail and theyreach the spot where we last left her. Jorah gets an earring from the grass and they both conclude that she’s been taken by the Dothraki. At the Dothraki camp, the new Khal wants to bed Dany so she would bear him a child. The other Dothraki men also discuss how they’d like to do things to her. When she tells that she’s Drogo’s widow, the Khal pronounces that she’s not to be touched, being a Khal’s widow. He also spurns her offer of getting a 1000 horses in exchange for taking her back to Meereen, saying Dothraki customs decree that widows have to live the rest of their lives at Vaes Dothrak. O dear Drogon, where art thou?

Braavos :

This part of the Thrones universe gets only a short view as a blind, begging-for-loose-change Arya has her fight training started by the brutal Faceless men’s assistant (can’t remember her name!).

Back to the Wall :

Ser Thorne offers amnesty to Davos and the other brothers guarding Jon’s body but they know better than surrendering and getting slaughtered. Davos thinks they would need the Red Woman’s help (finally something relating to the episode title) who is then shown in her room, undressing and taking off that red necklace. Horror of horrors, she’s revealed to be a very very old woman without that necklace. Well, she’s a sorceress, so that’s expected to be a part of her spell.

The season 6 premiere, like the other season premieres before this, spends its whole 50 minutes touching almost all major storylines and setting up the explosive events that’d be explored later in the season. Though that means it is low on action itself, it certainly is captivating and enchanting enough.


I’ll bring you the review of the second episode next week. What did you feel about the episode? Which things did you feel were done right and where do you feel it erred? Share in the comments section. Thanks for reading.


    1. There are so many richly-drawn characters in the GOT universe that we can all have our own favourites. That said, I am also curious about where Arya is going to go from here. But, Jon is the man for me.
      Thanks for reading and sharing your views. Do you watch the TV series?

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