Rape Problem in India. What Problem?


The above image is a screengrab from the website of The Times of India. The news can be read here.

Our country has a lot of problems. Rapes aren’t one of them. You see, when a woman is raped, political leaders and learned gentlemen will tell you that she “brought it on herself.” In case you wonder how, a learned gentleman will go on to tell you that as she had skimpy attire, she got what she deserved.

Pretty neat, you think then. You deduce that in a similar vein, a person who’s driving a motorbike without helmet should have his head crushed. He was asking for it, wasn’t he? Stupid analogy, the learned gentleman said. He then goes on to explain what the real problems facing our country are. In no fixed order, he said, these are our burning issues :

  1. National/Anti-national Sloganeering (or the lack of it).
  2. What Bollywood actor has/had an affair with which actress?
  3.  Which team is doing more match-fixing in the IPL?
  4. Who stole the minister’s cows and buffaloes?
  5. Anushka Sharma’s lip job.
  6. Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?

But, you ask, wasn’t the last one a fictional question? The learned gentleman, looking at you like you landed from some other planet just moments ago, says, “So are rapes. It’s all a myth. Those women just want to get their 15 minutes of fame.”

You are perplexed and angry. Why would anyone do so? “Such are the ways of the world, kid. You know, mannequins are a leading cause of rapes. That’s why they should be banned,”the learned gentleman says with an air of confidence.


Before you could say anything, the learned gentleman explains, “Mannequins, western dresses, women drinking in pubs, these are all western influences. These cause rapes. You see, earlier our women knew how to behave themselves. So there were no such issues. Western education and culture are degrading our great morals. In Indian culture, women wear full body dresses like the saree. This magical dress is so sanskaari (cultured) that it never lets rapes happen. If a girl is wearing a full-sleeved top and a jeans, that is criminal. She is the one who’s causing the rape. What can a poor guy do in such a condition but to overpower her and violate her with his animal lust,” then, after a pause, “of course with her consent.”

You think for a while and say, “But doesn’t the saree show the entire midriff of the woman wearing it? And shouldn’t the guy committing the rape behave himself too?”

The gentleman gives you a look that means he thinks you’re beyond redemption. Still, he perseveres. “Sonny, you know what? When a high-profile rape case comes into the limelight, we’ll go to public gatherings and light candles in the memory of the girl concerned. But, while you’d be lighting the candle, another one would be getting the brunt of some oversexed bully somewhere in the country.” He then enlightens with you with a statistic, “Did you know that according to the latest reports, a woman is raped every 16 or so minutes in India? And that’s only the ones that get reported.”

While you are looking at amazement, he adds, “Imagine the number of immoral females in this country! But you know what the good thing is? We have one of the lowest per capita rape rates in the whole world, only 2 per 100,000 people. Isn’t it great, mate?”

“But,” you say, “these are the reported ones. What about the unreported cases? The actual number would be much higher.”

“Oh yeah! NCRB says that reported cases of rape are only around 1% of the total cases.”

You get a bright question then. “You said skimpy clothes cause rapes. But even in countries where women almost always wear veils and loose, full-body clothes, rapes do happen. What about that?”

“What about that? Those people don’t know how to behave. I’m telling you, discothèques should ban short skirts.They are a western influence too. You see, boys will be boys. These so–called cases of rape are mistakes by boys. Is it possible that a woman can be raped by four men?”

You feel as though that line was a variation on the celebrated “men will be men.” Seeing that the gentleman is really something of a genius, you feel that such brilliant analytical minds in our midst are all we need to solve our problems of drought and riots. You ask him the question that’s been bothering you, “What do you think should be done for the rape problem in our country?”

“Rape problem, what rape problem?”



  1. This was brilliant! Made so much sense. I had a laugh when I read the last one in the list. But it’s sad that it’s true. It was trending everywhere so much like a piece of news that needed attention. Great post!! 😊

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  2. 😈Nthg cud be done for reducing the rape problem,  u know why ?? No one is ready to change hear… Their thoughts nd upbringing will never allow change,😷  I think people sud understand that every person has his/her own rights🙆🙋.. The right to👚👗👘 wear, right to take his/her own decision , a individual space u know Wat I mean… nd yes our govt sud also mind their on business don’t know who gave them ryt to take our decision like girls in chandigarh  r nt allowed to wear short dress woah!! Hats of world will never change this way..

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    1. The situation is pathetic, truly. But I will always stay hopeful that it’ll be better tomorrow. That’s what we should be doing, right? Apart from upgrading our mindset and the security situation. It’ll take a long time but first, the hypocrisy needs to go. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your opinion. God bless. 🙂

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      1. ya people our Obtuse bt soon things will be better.. if not we can just hope that 🙂

        thanks to u too for sharing ur thoughts with the world on such topic.. had a great tym hear..gud work ..:)

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  3. I completely love the satirical take of this whole post. This so
    called “learned gentleman” and many others like him is the reason why mothers are scared to let their daughters go out at night. They are the reason why families worry about the safety of their daughters. It pains me to believe that ignorant people like this “learned gentleman” actually exist. Our clothes are not an invitation to rape, going out in the night is not an excuse for rape and no movies are not the reason why rape happens. Rape is not a woman’s fault, no.
    I am sorry I went on a rant here. 😅. Also your whole blog is amazing. 😁.

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    1. They exist, and actually they are thriving. It’s not just a couple dozen of blokes but a large percentage of our society struggles with discussing and analysing rape and other crimes against women.
      You did go on a mini-rant but that’s kind of the point why we write, isn’t it? To provoke our readers to think about the topics we write on and share their opinion. I’m thankful to you for doing that.
      Thanks a ton for the appreciation and the follow on the blog. I checked a bit of your blog and will check out more today.
      Have a great day. Happy blogging, God bless. 🙂

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  4. Like the highly moralistic Asaram Bapu suggested, in case of an impending rape, all the girl has to do is call the rapist “bhaiya” and all will be solved. We have solutions. Girls just don’t use them!!

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    1. Aah yes! That was one gem the “learned gentleman” forgot to impart.
      Thanks for taking time out to read and share your thoughts (or Asaram Bapu’s 😛 ).
      Have a great day. Happy blogging. God bless. 🙂

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      1. What sexual molestion problem? That doesn’t exist either. “No molesters amongst our family, friends and neighbors” indeed. *Fake wide smile*

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        1. As a gentleman (no no, not that word), err…as a good friend commented in these threads, the girl only has to call the men “bhaiya (brother)” and all the problem will be solved.
          We take such a simplistic view to such a huge, epidemic national shame that it speaks volumes about us as a culture.

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          1. I wouldn’t go to the lengths of calling it a national epidemic though because most countries have cases of sexual assualt and molestation. Of course the reaction is different and calling someone brother wouldn’t eliminate the risk. This actually hits very close to home. I’ll send you a link if you’re up for it.

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            1. As I have mentioned in the post, the rates here are very low as compared to some other countries. But the absolute numbers are horrifying. Maybe not a national epidemic, but the thing here is that we need to change our outlook and not blame the victim. That achieves nothing other than shaming the one whose life has been ravaged.
              What link are you hinting at? Do send me. It should be interesting to have a look at that.

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              1. Yes, outlooks definitely need to change, but then that also covers a whole lot of other areas such as education, LGBT, domestic violence, abuse and so on… we have to start somewhere, and people like you and posts like these brings a subtle change in society… shaming is horrible and affects the individual a lot more – it’s pretty ridiculous to say that the victim is at fault – I won’t say more about that, or there will be a danger of never-ending comments. Here’s the link: http://rrrepeat.com/sexual-abuse-story/

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              2. I can’t tell you how deeply sorry I am for being the trigger to your pain. If I had any idea, I’d never have used the reference to that comment. I feel guilty for having said those things. I only thought that I was interacting with a fellow blogger. I had no idea…

                Sorry. I know this does nothing to reduce the shame and pain you’ve faced all your life but I’m truly sorry for this. I shared your link on my Twitter and Facebook accounts, and to a few friends on WhatsApp. The more people read it and talk about it, hopefully the more we’ll see change.

                I’m really, truly apologetic. I should have been more understanding and careful when you said it hit you close.

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              3. You weren’t a trigger to pain. I’m not sure which words you’re feeling guilty for? It wasn’t like that. Relax ☺ Thank you for your kind words and spreading the word. Bringing awareness is very important… people usually don’t even question the possibility of something like that happening in their homes under their noses. And most people don’t want to accept that it can happen with their family or friends. It’s not easy to digest but it’s real and it’s not just one person. It happens more often than we think. Its just more shushed when family is involved as compared to if it was a stranger. You have nothing to apologize for, you couldn’t possibly have known. There’s no need to feel guilty either. We can’t walk on eggshells here, can we?

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