Love Happened One Day : Episode X

“How does this look?” Jessica asked.
“It’s a bit dark. Try the red one. That looks wonderful,” Vineet replied.

The two of them were out for their last pre-exams shopping trip. Vineet had agreed to gift her a salwar-suit but told her to choose herself. A strikingly tall and slender girl, along with her mother, was the only other customer in the shop. Vineet stole a glance or two at her.

Jessica asked the salesman to show her the red salwar. As she stretched to take the dress from the salesman, Vineet noticed his eyes linger on her just that split-second longer than needed. He shifted his gaze to her. Noticing the cause of the salesman’s voyeurism, he took a couple of steps towards her and arranged the shoulder of her salwar and the chunni she had draped over her upper body and glared angrily at the salesman. She looked up at him, unaware of what had transpired. He smiled. She smiled back.

At the café, Vineet asked Jessica whether she’d started anything for her weight loss. She kept a plain face.
“That means you’ve not yet started anything, right?”
“I want to. But I can’t do it alone. I need someone to push me daily to do it.”
Vineet knew she wanted him to be that someone but as he used to go to coaching classes in the mornings, he explained to her that he couldn’t possibly do that.
“You know, you look stunning as it is, fuelling my wildest dreams. But a bit of weight loss would’ve been great. You can’t get any taller….”
That was it for her. Jessica didn’t even bother listening to him anymore. She knew he didn’t like her being fatty and doing nothing about it, but she didn’t have to be reminded every single time that she was only 5’3″ tall. She knew he liked tall and curvy girls. She couldn’t be taller but she was at least curvy. Why wasn’t that enough for him?
“I know you like tall girls. I’m sorry I couldn’t satisfy your eligibility criteria.” She got up to leave. Vineet grabbed her wrist and pleaded to her to sit down.
“See it’s not like that. Wanting someone to be taller or fitter is one thing, and loving them is quite another. You are amazing Jess, know that? You love me. Me, whom no girl ever found attractive. I know I can be a jerk sometimes but that doesn’t mean I love you any less than what you deserve. You are one in a million, maybe even rarer. Such beauty, such compassion, such brains! Where else would I find such a heady cocktail, hmm? If anything, it’s me who maybe doesn’t deserve your love. Look at me, dorky, messed-up hair and no sense of style. Nothing about me says boyfriend material. If we are a couple despite that, the credit goes to you baby. I’m sorry I brought up the topic of height, I shouldn’t have. But your weight, you know, lose a few pounds of unwanted flab and see how you transform yourself from hot to smokin’ hot.”
Jessica was smiling by now. Vineet’s mixture of heartfelt apology and deceptive flattery had won her over, again. But she couldn’t understand why he felt like being the less-deserving one himself?

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“You’re very handsome, you know. That unruly mop is so cute. And you know, I like the fact that you’re tall and dark. I love it. I also like the fact that you wear glasses, like me. We are The Glass Couple.” They burst into laugher on this.

“Oh Jesse, I would never know how you could ever love me, and that too so much.”
“You need to be more appreciative of yourself, Mr. Bakshi. Don’t be so harsh. From what I’ve known of you, you’re pretty darn good.”
“Wanna know more?” Vineet replied, winking.
“Don’t be getting smart ideas, mister. This girl is a tough cookie.”


After a gruelling 15-20 days of semester exams action, Vineet and Jessica finally got the chance to talk their hearts out. They went to a nearby archaeological tourist spot. After checking out the various sculptures of kings and Gods, Jessica pulled Vineet into a dark corner and pounced on his lips. Vineet, taken aback but equally charged-up, responded feverently. Vineet rubbed her neck and shoulder before taking his hands down to hold her magnificent breasts. After a frantic minute or so of appetising exchange of salivary fluids, they both stepped back to take care of their oxygen-deprived lungs. Vineet had a cut under his chin and Jessica’s bun had lost all its shape. They were rearranging themselves when Vineet felt the blood on his neck.

“Quite the wild cat, Jesse baby!”
“You don’t know the half of it.”
“I’d love to.”
“Yeah.” His voice was betraying ihis excitement.
“We’ll see.”
“What when?” She laced her voice with a sudden mock anger.
“At least give me some photographs.”
“Oh, so you could leak them on the internet. I can see the caption already, ‘Cooing co-ed.'”
Now it was Vineet’s turn to be angry. “That’s the level of trust you have in me?” He turned to walk.
Jessica grabbed his hand. As he looked back questioningly, she got up on her toes to kiss him again.
“All in good time, my hero, all in good time.”
Now who was Vineet to argue with that?

To Be Continued…



  1. ten part series -and still going on. Kudos. I tried to write a series but couldn’t go beyond to three or four parts. I particularly loved the scene at the shop -the protective version of Vineet. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can identify with your trouble in going past 3-4 parts as I myself struggle at times. Nevertheless, we need to persevere, don’t we?
      The shop scene well, aren’t we guys (over)protective about our ladies? 😉
      Thanks for taking time out to read and share your opinion. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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