Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Review

I will be reviewing the whole of Game Of Thrones (GOT) season 6.

Be warned though, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS….








Bran’s warging opens the episode as he and the three-eyed Raven go back in time to Winterfell to see his father Ned with Benjen and Lyanna. We also learn that Hodor wasn’t always the one-word gentle giant that he’s now. He was called Wylis and could actually talk. How nice! I’m really excited because Bran’s abilities mean we’ll be able to go back and forth in time and hopefully many questions will get explanations, not least the Tower Of Joy. Bran was happy he was “Home”, but the Raven thinks otherwise.

Wun-Wun breaks down a door (ala Daya from CID) and the rest of the wildlings arrive in time to save Jon’s corpse from being taken away by Thorne and Co., and Ser Davos and party being added to the dead. This is the second consecutive episode where we have good guys being saved, right in time. That seems so un-GOTesque.

A short sequence in the pubs of King’s Landing shows us the flasher of last season’s finale boasting how Cersei was interested in him when he flashed her his genitals. A while later, his head is banged against a wall by Frankenmountain while he’s peeing. Short, but hilarious and extremely effective.

Elsewhere in King’s Landing, Teen King Tommen is pissed off. Poor dude had his mother and wife both imprisoned last season by the faith Militant and couldn’t do anything to save them. He’s still without his wife, and has lost his last sibling. Nevertheless, on Jaime’s insistence, he goes to apologize to his mother (whom he has kept confined to the Red Keep for her safety) and tells her how he failed both the women in his life. Mother Cersei’s heart melts. Aww, cute!

Jaime wants to finish off the High Sparrow in Baelor’s sept, where Myrcella has been kept, but the presence of the Faith Militant Seal Team puts him back into place. Blood boiling or not, Jaime never takes a low-percentage risk. The High Sparrow also enlightens us (about time someone did) on why stones are kept on dead bodies. Apparently, it is to tell us not to fear death, to close eyes in this world and open them in another. Deep!


Tyrion regales Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm with his tales of Westerosi dragon evolution and says they need to be unchained to grow. In the dungeon, he says to one of the dragons, “I’m friends with your mother,” and then proceeds to remove the locks on their necks. Maybe Tyrion is a secret Targaryen after all. The new breaker-of-chains leaves the dungeon terrified and relieved with Varys, providing a punch-related punchline. Lovely!

At Winterfell, Ramsay wants to attack Castle Black to kill Jon Snow and get Sansa back, as they think she’d be headed there. Roose advises caution. We also meet the new Lord Karstark, whose father Robb beheaded in season 3 for killing the Lannister kids. Apparently, he’s baying for Stark blood too. The Maester intervenes with the news that Wanda has given birth to a boy. The looks in the eyes of Ramsay and Roose, despite all the dad-son dialogue, told me what Ramsay was going to do.


I think even Roose felt that coming. Ramsay gives him a taste of his own medicine that he gave to Robb at the Red Wedding. The only thing missing were the golden words, “The Lannisters send their regards!” That’d have been apt. This was the first major death in six seasons that I could foresee before it actually happened. Ramsay then proceeds to surpass all expectations of his psychopathy by feeding Wanda and her boy to his Dog Squad. You will get a horrible death too, Mr. Lord Bolton. Just wait for the Battle of the Bastards (BOTB).

Further north, Brienne tells Sansa about the time she saw Arya with the Hound. (Arya is taken in by Jaqen again at Braavos). Reek apologizes to her for his betrayal of the Stark family and wants to go “Home” (the second character to reference the episode title). Cue the shot of the high towers of the Iron Islands where Balon is still trying to dominate Yara but a while later, on the hanging bridge connecting the towers, comes face to face with his presumed-dead brother Euron, who has some sort of God complex. Euron throws him over the bridge to meet the Drowned God. Being a non-book reader, I don’t know Euron’s backstory that the two brothers discussed on the swaying bridge but I think he is in the mould of Ramsay. One more antagonist. Good!

At the wall, Ser Davos tries to convince Melisandre to try to resurrect Jon. Mel has her spirits broken after that defeat of Stannis last season and tells him that the Lord of Light never spoke to her. Davos uses F-word phrases similar to what Jaime used last week. So she tries, starting with a medieval salon-and-spa treatment for the nude-save-for-a-small-towel Jon. Her chants fail to rouse him and a sceptical Tormund scoffs. After they all leave one by one, we get a shot of the perfect abs and body of Jon. A while later, sleeping Ghost gets up. And then, as he always does, Jon comes back. Yay!!!!

“You always come back!”

It remains to be seen how this week’s resurrection job will affect Jon’s character’s directions but if anything, I think the preseason predictions of him and Ramsay going face-to-face at the BOTB should come true. He has to be the man to lead Westeros in the fight against the White Walkers too. Kit Harrington apologized to fans yesterday for lying about his character’s death. Don’t worry Kit, we’re glad enough to have Jon back among the living.Share your thoughts about the episode and The Resurrection in the comments section. Thanks for reading.



    1. Me too. The best news on TV this year. Harrington said in an interview to EW that he has the biggest character arc this season. Excited for that!
      Thanks a ton for taking the time to read and share your opinion.
      God bless. 🙂


        1. In that case, I would advise you to start watching it, right from season 1. There’s nothing like it on television, anywhere. If you don’t like it, you can always leave it. But we must discover the wonders of a pop culture phenomenon like this for ourselves. Hopefully, you’d get hooked. I would then take credit for that. Ha ha ha. 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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