Musingsite’s First 100 Followers!


On Saturday, the 30th of April, this blog got its first 100 followers. That means a hundred people who feel this is a blog worth coming to, worth reading ( or at least I feel so 😉 ).

To be honest, this was a target when I started blogging. I want to thank WordPress first of all for providing me a platform like this. Had it not been for WP, I wouldn’t have met so many wonderful people (and amazing writers!). I’d like to thank the 100 followers as also the non-blogging readers of mine from the deepest recesses of my heart (and mind) for their continuous love and support that have kept me going.

Last, but almost certainly not least, I’d like to thank my elder brother Amit, a rock by my side through thick and thin as well as my friend Deepak who, despite not proofreading the posts anymore, is someone I count on whenever I hit a mental block or put myself in a spot. Words will prove insufficient to explain how much gratitude and respect I have for you two guys.

Musingsite took 160 days for its first 50 followers as I mentioned in this post. It took the blog 75 days more to reach its next 50. Nice acceleration, I guess. Now rather than resting at this point, I want to reach the next 100 and then go on to four figures. That’d be awesome! 😀 . Greedy, you say? I can’t help that. Ha ha ha.

To celebrate this occasion, I got myself a crew cut hairstyle one day before the blog hit the 100 mark, and got my phone updated to Marshmallow today. Small things, plus I’m not a big Android geek but I’d take these. Every smile matters.

Happy blogging to every one of you. Be happy, be content. God bless!



  1. Congratulations! While waiting to have my followers reach the magical 100 mark, I promised myself a different post. And I published a celebratory food post 🙂
    What are you doing for celebration?

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              1. You might be now, but that won’t be the status forever. I’d say prepare for CAT now. Start preparation now and by the time you graduate, you’d be well-equipped to make a charge at the best -schools in the country. An MBA from a top B-school would do wonders for your career. 🙂

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  2. True, every smile matters 🙂 🙂 I am smiling a lot because I really had not read the post. I guess I saw it in my Reader and in my haste to congratulate you, went straight to comments and typed out my ‘wise’ words.

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            1. Had to look ennui up in the dictionary. **facepalm**
              And why did that happen, actually? Didn’t read any books lately. A review or two would be great. You’re also a fan of GOT like me,I guess. So how about a discussion post on that?

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              1. Ha ha. It just happened. No good books coming my way, these days. Oh, I was busy writing one…
                Not a great fan of GOT, actually. Just like reading your reviews.
                We can do a discussion or a collaborative post on something else, I think. Any suggestions?


              2. What is your favourite genre/genres of books? Tell me that and maybe I could give you a couple of suggestions for reading.

                I’m glad you read my reviews despite not being a fan of the series.

                Collaborative post! Wow. I think that’d be awesome. To be honest, I could join up for whatever topic you suggest. If it’s my speciality, easy. If it ain’t, I’d get something to research and read about. What topic would you like to do?

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    1. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when I read this. Would be a bit too long to be done in 45 seconds but I’d take the complement anyway.
      Every smile counts, doesn’t it? **broad smile**

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          1. Okk…
            Actually I know I’ve to work hard on my English…This U.P naaaaaaa….!!!
            Study level is not so good…
            And language we become sandwich can’t speak any language properly…
            neither hindi nor brij and English is ….!!!!

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            1. Oye! U.P.!!! Same pinch. All of us need improvement at some level or the other. This cycle of learning is continuous, till death takes us away. So don’t feel sandwiched. Just take care the bread isn’t burnt. 🙂


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