Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 Review

I will be reviewing the whole of Game Of Thrones (GOT) season 6.

Be warned though, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS….








So “Oathbreaker” begins where “Home” ended. Ser Davos is shocked and disbelieving on seeing Jon return. His face looks like he’s thinking as to what this particular thing could mean for the rest of the series. 😀 Lady Melisandre or Mel as I like calling her, enters the room with even more astonished reactions. She wants to know what Jon saw after his death. This is a important moment. Don’t we all say there’s afterlife and heaven/hell after death. Even Westerosi customs believe in life after death,blah blah blah. But Jon pours cold water over all that. “There was nothing,” he says to her. She says not Stannis but he, our beloved Jon Snow/Stark/Targaryen (?) has to be the “prince that was promised” aka, Azor Ahai. This is certainly intriguing. There have been discussions and fan theories on who actually could be Azor Ahai. Jon was always one of the candidates but Mel’s statement should make his claim for that even more strong. Ser Davos exhorts Jon to go out and fight again, clean the mess of the Night’s Watch again. Jon is himself struggling with the implications of resurrection. He doesn’t think he deserved to be reborn. Davos has no answer for that either. Why then did he want Jon to be brought back? That is one thing the show must clarify — Why was Ser Davos so interested in bringing Jon Snow back?

We meet Sam, Gilly and Little Sam as they are journeying on a ship through choppy seas towards what Gilly thinks is Oldtown, where Sam is going to study to be a Maester. But since there’s no place for women in the Citadel, Sam is taking her to Horn Hill, his home. Gilly also considers Sam to be the “father of my son.” Officially a couple now, eh Sam? What of your vows? Next week should see the debut of Tarly Sr. & Co.


Flashback :

The much-anticipated Tower of Joy sequence is shown in a flashback via the time-travelling abilities of Messrs. Bran & Raven. The actor chosen for the role of young Ned Stark is strikingly similar to Sean Bean in looks, dialogue delivery and even his voice. Great casting, HBO! The fight sequence between the Kingsguard and Ned’s men is nicely choreographed, though not extraordinary. We also see that Ned Stark might not be as much a principled man as we’ve been led to believe. His partner, Meera Reed’s father, stabs Ser Dayne in the back and the honourable Ned Stark finishes him off, later taking the credit for beating him. Ned Stark, Oathbreaker? After that fight, we think we’ll get an answer for Jon Snow’s parentage. Bran doesn’t even know what’s in the Tower. So when he, all excited and curious, tries to follow his father into the Tower, the Three-Eyed Raven intervenes and takes him back. So we’ll have to wait some more to know the answer to that question.
Bran is angry at the Raven for bringing him back but the Raven is unmoved. He says that Bran needs to let the past be, “The past is written, the ink is dry.” Wonderful lines, aren’t they? He wants Bran to learn “everything.” All these half-view flashbacks must lead to some big payoffs regarding the Stark family later in the season. My money is on a Stark family reunion.

At Vaes Dothrak, Dany’s condition is pretty bad. Not only is she treated as a common widow, she might even have to pay some fines for “going out in the world” after her husband died as a tribal committee will decide her future.

Meereen :

Varys’ birds finally bring a woman who was helping the Sons of The Harpy. Varys’ pseudo-threatens her, coaxes her and uses all his trickery to convince her to give the name of the person(s) who financed the Harpy militia. Elsewhere, Tyrion wants to play drinking games with Missandei and Grey Worm to kill time. Problem is, they don’t drink. Varys arrives with the news that the slave masters of Astapor, Yunkai and Volantis are financing the Harpy. Missandei and Grey Worm want them killed. But Tyrion is cool as a cucumber. Expect the dragons to be unleashed on the masters in an episode or two.

King’s Landing

We finally learn the secret of Varys’ little birds as Maester Qyburn, the Westerosi Dr. Frankenstein, gathers up children who used to work for Varys. Now they’ll work for him, or more appropriately, Cersei. She is so angry at her shaming and Myrcella’s killing that she wants birds in every kingdom in the realm. She wants to serve revenge, not cold but chilled.

Later we see Cersei and Jaime becoming persona non grata at the small council as their Uncle and the Tyrells, plus Pycelle, don’t want to deal with them.

King Tommen, all angry-young-man, meets the High Septon and asks her to let her mother be after all she’s suffered last season. The High Septon, slowly but effectively, ties Tommen up in Mother-related sermons to finally dumbfound our young king. Was that sermon a nod to the Mother’s Day on our earth? Can’t really say.

Braavos :

Arya is finally getting better at her blind training, going so far as to land a blow at her trainer. Jaqen H’ghar, impressed, gives her her eyes back but not before asking her what’s her name? Cue Rihanna’s song, “Oh na, na…What’s my name?” Arya correctly says, “no one.”

Winterfell :


Lord Umber, funnily foul-mouthed and irreverent, has already seen through Ramsay’s lies of Roose having been poisoned by his enemies. He has a heavy accent that’s lovely to hear. The two of them, plus Lord Karstark, discuss the change of their loyalties from the time of The War of The Five Kings. This is where I think the episode title is most apt. All these three houses were loyal to Starks, and all three have broken those oaths. As shown in the preview of the episode and almost-spoiled by Maisie Williams a couple of days back, Lord Umber brings Osha and Rickon to Ramsay. So one Stark kid leaves and another arrives to be at his mercy. Still, another Stark kid is back on the show. Talking of which……

Castle Black :

Jon has to execute the four traitors (what? Only four? They seemed more like 15-20 when the assassination was carried out). He asks all of them to speak their last words. Ser Alliser Thorne, he who led the traitors, is a firm believer in the theory that Jon betrayed the Night’s Watch by taking the Wildlings in. Olly doesn’t even say a word. Hatred is writ large on his face. After cutting the rope and hanging them, Jon is shaking with hatred and anger himself. And then comes the twist.

It was always expected that after his revival, Jon would be free from his duties as a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch. So it happens. As the brothers, wildlings, Davos and Mel watch on, he gives the cloak/cape of the commander to Edd, “You have Castle Black.” Then, leaving the area, “My watch is ended.” Is Jon Snow an Oathbreaker? I don’t think so. He’s died once already.

This is hugely satisfying in itself and builds up huge anticipation for the upcoming episodes. Jon is now officially a Snow/Stark again. This, coupled with Sansa travelling north to meet him, Bran and Arya training, and the return of Rickon, puts the wheel into motion for a Stark reunion and builds towards the huge battle in the snow that Mel and GoT showrunners have promised.

What do you think about the episode and it’s revelations?Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. Thanks for reading.


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