Love Happened One Day : Episode XII

Vineet arrived the next Monday and promptly went to meet Jessica in the canteen. It was the first time they had been away from each other for so long and the wait had been painful for both of them. But once they met, all his doubts evaporated. She was ecstatic!

They were discussing various things when suddenly a topic from Indian history led to some disagreement between them. Jessica checked online to see that she was right. She showed him the result and mocked him a bit. Vineet laughed. She was happy. That mattered the most. He was devastated when he had to suddenly extend his vacation for a week and the resulting tiff with her hadn’t made things any better. He was going to make it up to her.

Jessica could see the love and earnestness in Vineet’s eyes. He had apologized for the extra week he was taking at his home and she had come round to appreciate his point of view too. His father needed someone there. And who better than him? She had been pretty rude then and had to make it up to him.


Early next morning, Vineet and Jessica, alongwith Ritika and Karun, went to a nearby waterfall, a tourist attraction. Spring was in full bloom. The weather, cool and breezy, with new flowers and leaves all over the trees, almost called out for love.

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The waterfall was majestic. Water fell down on the stones from 30 metres up with a cave-like area under the falls. There were some 20-odd tourists there. Karun kept their group of four entertained with his antics and mimicry. Vineet was more interested in exploring the whole area than frolicking. After a short while, he was off, searching the cave and going around the hill to reach the top of the waterfall. Jessica joined him in the climb. At the top, they embraced each other. Jessica was saying something about the magnificence of the view when Vineet gave her a peck on the cheeks. She turned around in mock-anger but didn’t say anything. While going back down to the base, Vineet was leading her. She pinched him on his butt.


“What happened?”

“Don’t know. Seems like an ant has entered the pants. It bit me on the bum.”

“Ooh, how painful na?” She said in mock-concern.

“Yeah I guess the ant needs to be taught a lesson.” Saying so, he stopped, turned around and heaved her on his shoulder. Then he broke into a run. Jessica was petrified. She was yelling, “Put me down, Vineet. Oh God, I’ll die if you slipped or dropped me here.”

But Vineet was in no mood to listen. He kept running until they reached the lake at the base of the waterfall. Once there, he threw her into the water and jumped right in. The people around them were watching with curiosity and confusion. The two of them came out for a gulp of air and dived back in. Once inside, they kept tickling each other till it was time for lunch.

The snacks and other eatables that Vineet had brought from his home made up the lunch along with cans of beer. Jessica had had many outings in her army kid life but this one beat all of them, hands down.


At night, after dinner, Jessica told Vineet that Reena had gone to her friend’s house for overnight stay. Vineet promised to call her. Around midnight, Jessica was feeling sleepy from the tiredness of the day. She had tried to call Vineet after he didn’t call. His phone was switched off. Jessica was getting angry. Suddenly she felt a light knock on her door. She turned towards the door, trying to confirm the sound. Sure enough, someone was knocking. She got up, took the Swiss knife she used to keep under her pillow, and opened the door, ever so slightly. With the knife in her hand ready to attack in case it was an intruder or something, she peered around to see who it was. It was him. Vineet! What was he doing in the girls’ hostel, that too at this time? Before she could ask that question though, he put a finger to his lips. She hadn’t let him in yet. He pushed a bit and looked at her pleadingly till she relented and he entered the room, locking the door behind him.

“What are you doing here? If someone saw….”

Her words died in her throat as he took her head in his hands and kissed her flush on the lips. They stayed like that for a few seconds before he pulled back, “Don’t worry about me. Tell me, how’s the surprise?” She only smiled, before adding, “But if the watchman saw it’d be trouble for you.”

“The watchman is having a wine party at his cabin. He and his friends wouldn’t get up before morning.”

Jessica always knew that Vineet was smart. That he also possessed the cunning of a trickster wasn’t something she was aware of. She was standing there, not knowing how to proceed. Vineet sensed that and took her towards the wall and kissed her again. She kissed him back. In between the confusion and the kiss, she had come to the conclusion that she needed to take things as they came. Clothes felt superfluous to requirements now and went flying out of their bodies. Vineet was going to put all his theoretical and internet-based knowledge into practice now. He took her up in his arms and put her on the bed, their lips on each other’s all the way through.

“This is Reena Di’s bed,” Jessica said.

“She isn’t here. Don’t worry,” Vineet replied.

“Umm…” Jessica broke free from his grip and got down from the bed to go to her own. She took his hand in her hand and led him. In the yellow light of the streetlight outside, her bodacious body was enticing him. He followed her, wondering what difference it made as to which bed they were on. As the kisses and licks became more frantic, both of them became aware of pleasures and sensations that they had never felt and discovered erogenous zones they never knew existed. However, after the starters, the main course didn’t last long. They were both too excited to make good of the gourmet meal they had been served. Afterwards, as they both lied on the bed side-by-side, panting and sweating from all the adrenaline and testosterone, Jessica turned to him and stroked her fingers on his chest, slowly crawling them up towards his neck and beyond. She asked him to turn over and proceeded to work her fingers on his back. Sure enough, her fingers made him ready for enjoying the meal, again. He turned and gripped his hands on her forearms to lay her on the bed but she put a hand on his chest and stopped him. He looked at her, puzzled. She lay him down on the bed and climbed over.

“You know, women make great managers.”

“After seeing your skills, I have no doubts whatsoever.”

She lowered herself onto him and took control. They both discovered that the slower you ate a meal, the more you could enjoy its taste and the more you could eat as well, which was a welcome bonus. They rose with each other in synchronized motion of love until the desserts had to be served, finally. After that, she lay down on his chest.

Vineet, who was satiated with the multi-course meal, could only smirk. He kissed her head and put his arms on her back, embracing her. The night was still young. Maybe they’d have another round of sizzlers.




  1. Okay I’m appalled how you stopped here, when it was getting exciting too. Not fair. But I’d like to add a few things. Having read your later works before than this, I can make out that your presentation and choice of words has definitely improved, because this wasn’t at par with your later works. The story was cute and romantic but you should have included some hooks or twists to keep readers coming. But I fell in love with the characters,especially Vineet, who’s the perfect marriage material. And even naughty Karun. The characters were very relatable and the imagery very well detailed. I felt liek I was a student again 😁😁😁 I enjoyed the story and would urge you to start rewriting the rest of it the way you had imagined it. Please, I mean only two things happen after a scene like the one you described above – marriage/baby or breakups. Now for heavenssake,tell is what happened!

    P. S. Of course, after your exam. All the best 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can gauge my unawareness by the fact that I had to read part-7 to understand what she egged him on about. That said, thank you first up. This is just the kind of feedback I need. Maybe if I had received it at that point, I wouldn’t even have stopped writing this series.
      The response had petered out and I had lost faith in the story. So I just let it be.

      Glad to know where the improvements can be made. To me it was a simple love story without much jhanjhat, at least until this point in the story. And I can promise you one thing, the next plot device wouldn’t have been either of breakup or marriage/kids. These guys are way too modern and smart for that (I hope they came up like that on the page 😂😂).
      I’m glad the characters were relatable. And it is high praise for the aeries (and by extension, me!) that you felt you were back in college. Was Jessica’s behaviour and such out of sync with what should be?

      I would see what I can do about the story now. A lot of things to catch up on.

      Thank you once again for patiently reading this and giving me the invaluable feedback. 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re most welcome. This was done in the service of a friend who would do the same for my posts, I know 🙂

        No Jessica’s behaviour wasn’t out of sync but I felt that since the story was progressing like a normal romance, I thought that would be the ultimate end, of course after they had graduated and found their first jobs.

        But my biggest recommendation would be to bring in some twists, even if they are minor ones. AND finish it!

        Take care and do well in your exams 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Ahem, ahem. I’m sure that friend would be very proud of you. 😁
          Well, thank God her behaviour was okay. I had planned for some things but they just stayed there in the memory bank.

          The exam is done now and hopefully I’ll get back to writing in a couple of days.

          Thanks again. Cheers. 😁

          Liked by 1 person

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