Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 4 Review

I will be reviewing the whole of Game Of Thrones (GOT) season 6.

Be warned though, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS….







Castle Black :

After last week’s mic-dropping act, Jon is packing up in the Lord Commander’s office to transfer charge to Dolorous Edd. The fun thing is, he has a man-bun going now. It’s like relinquishing charge made him fashionable too.


Sansa and Podrick, led by Brienne, arrive at Castle Black. I part-expected Jon to come laughing down the stairs to meet Sansa. But given all that the Stark family has gone through, the mere fact that two Stark kids are meeting, is enough. It’s the first reunion I think Rickon and Bran split. The two embrace, and it is such a hugely satisfying moment. Some news for Starks to smile after five seasons.

Later, as the two chat nostalgically, Sansa tries to persuade him to attack Winterfell and take back “our home” from the Boltons. She’s trying to make him see some sense. Like, “See Jon, you’ve already said you’re not going to stay here. Let’s go fight that big battle planned for this season.” But Jon is tired of fighting and also guilt-ridden for the people he’s killed. Sansa though, is resolved to do it.

Vale :

For the first time this season, we meet the stupidest prince /queen in Westeros, Robin Arryn. He’s manipulated by the ever-planning Peytr Baelish into making Lord Royce lead the Knights of the Vale in the fight between Jon Snow’s men and the Boltons, in which they are to support Jon and his men.

Meereen :

Tyrion has invited the masters of Slaver’s Bay to discuss terms for ending slavery. He tells them to stop supporting the Sons of the Harpy and end slavery in their cities in 7 years. Missandei and Grey Worm aren’t happy with this offer. Strangely, Missandei is dressed like a warrior herself. Those toned abs…..!

Later, in the Pyramid, Tyrion exhibits his poor Valyrian again. Former slaves protest against Tyrion’s decision to make peace with the masters but Missandei and Worm stand by him although they do make their protest known later, in private.

Vaes Dothrak :

The lovers of Dany — Jorah and Daario — reach the outskirts of the Dothraki stronghold. Accidentally, Daario discovers Jorah’s greyscale. He also has a really cool knife with some intricate design. I’d want one like that myself! When the two Dothraki from the season premiere (who leered at Dany) stop them, they are forced to kill them. I think no one who has ever tried to forcefully take Dany has lived again. We’ll see another example of that later in the episode.

King’s Landing :

Margaery (or Marge) is brought to the High Sparrow who tells her his own origin story. There is a passage he speaks that Marge completes. That passage is from the Book of the Stranger, Verse 25. The Seven-Pointed Star, he calls it. I didn’t quite get how the episode’s title tied in with the happenings of the hour. Maybe someone more versed with the mythologies of Westeros could tell me. Anyway, Marge looks like she can be turned. So the Sparrow lets her meet her brother, Ser Loras, who is almost broken himself. Marge now shows her true colours. She asks him to stay strong so they could take it all back from the Faith. You don’t marry over the bodies of two killed husbands without some cunning of your own.

In the castle, Cersei drops in on Tommen and Pycelle when he’s teaching him something and promptly goes on to reclaim her position with him when Tommen asks him to go. “You don’t like Margaery?” he asks, before telling her something that the Sparrow asked him to keep confidential.


At the small council, Jaime and Cersei tell Lord Kevan and Lady Olenna that Margaery will have to do the Walk of Shame -2. This brings Olenna to her side. They also tell their plan to beat the Faith Militant and bring back Margaery. Finally, after all these seasons, we have something that Olenna and Cersei agree upon.

Iron Islands :

Theon/Reek has returned home but isn’t welcomed by Yara. She abhors him and thinks he’s come to claim the Salt Throne. When he tells her he wants her to help her take it at the Kingsmoot, all hatred vanishes. It would be interesting to see how the showrunners take this story forward.

Winterfell :

Osha, all cleaned up and dressed, is brought to Ramsay. Now, we know what happens in these situations. So when Osha tries to seduce and kill him, I was like, “Don’t do this. You’ll die.” And that’s exactly what happens. Ramsay is too fast and too smart for her. Adios, Osha the Wildling! We’ll miss you.

Castle Black :


A letter arrives from Ramsay even as Jon and Co. are having lunch/dinner. Its poetic, twisted, psycopathic threat (“come and see”) asks Jon to return Sansa, now that Rickon is also in captivity. The threats mentioned in the letter work up all of them, especially Tormund, Jon and Sansa. There are only about 2000 wildlings who could fight as against the 5000 Boltons have. Sansa tells him that he’s the son of the last true Warden of the North and northern families will rally behind him if he asks them to. Finally, Jon relents. Yay!!!

Back to Vaes Dothrak :

Inside the temple, the Dothraki council tell Dany she has to follow the orders of the council, meaning she might not be given the chance to live as a Dothraki widow. They make indecent proposals to her. Not good, guys. You don’t do that and get to stay alive. Dany tells them, “You’re not fit to lead. But I am. So I will.” She burns the whole council alive in the temple. As the Dothraki horde gathers outside to witness the fire, they see a naked, unburnt Dany come out. All bow before her, even Jorah and Daario. This scene is obviously reminiscent of the season 1 finale and it means that alongwith the Unsullied and the Second Sons, Dany will now also have the barbaric Dothraki army. That has to be the largest army in GoT now.


The episode finally gave us a Stark reunion, which is awesome. On top of that, it also moved pawns for the Battle of the Bastards, Cersei’s trial, the fightback against the Faith Militant, the Kingsmoot and Dany’s return to Meereen. Things are moving ever faster now, which is good. The storyline involving the High Sparrow’s rumblings should’ve been edited a bit. It kind of drags things down. Regardless, this is an episode of quality and satisfaction.

What do you think of the episode and its title?Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jon’s man-bun just made me laugh and laugh! He had longer hair before, and I don’t recall him wearing his hair that way earlier … I still have many issues with the show, but actually so far this season they haven’t really spoiled the books all that much (yet), as the plots on the show are so different than the plots in the books. I agree with what you said about the High Sparrow scenes. His scenes are boring, which is a shame, because the actor is excellent! But too many speeches that all sound exactly alike.

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    1. I thought it made him look kind of more handsome, and metrosexual, if a concept like that exists in Westeros.
      I read on a couple of websites about the book to screen differences and it seems the show has left the books behind on many fronts, although there are a lot of threads that the show has done away with.
      I’m looking forward to Ian McShane’s arrival. He’d bring one character back from the dead, presumably the Hound.
      As for the High Sparrow, I don’t think we’re going to get rid of those sermons. This season, that thread and, to some extent, Meereen are doing what Dorne did last season.
      Thanks for taking time out to read and comment. Happy blogging. 🙂


      1. I wouldn’t exactly say that the show has left the books behind, but rather that the show is going a completely different route to end up in the same place. For example, in the books, the Pink Letter that Jon receives in this episode comes BEFORE the assassination attempt and causes Jon to want to go to Winterfell and fight, which is a driving factor in that assassination attempt. Why they bothered to change the order of things, and to have Sansa push for war and Jon not want to fight doesn’t make any sense. It’s odd choices like this that I just don’t understand. And they’ve altered so many characters plots so I’m honestly not worried about spoilers any longer (for example, Jon, Sansa, Davos, Brienne & Mel are not all at Castle Black – only Jon & Mel are in the books – Davos is off looking for Rickon and Sansa is at the Vale with Littlefinger & never married Ramsay – Brienne is in the Riverlands with Jaime in a completely different plot that they haven’t touched on yet). Everything they’ve shown so far this season has either been heavily hinted at in the books (Jon being alive) or is so radically different (Ramsay getting Rickon and killing Osha) or is backtracking (the entire Greyjoy plot – that is from book 4). And yes, I fully believe The Hound is still alive, I’m really hoping this is shown this season! And I am a big Sansa / Sandor “shipper”, which the show has not even touched on, so I think at least with that plotline I won’t be spoiled by the show. You really should read the books! They are truly excellent and are different enough from the show that there would still be surprises for you as you read (maybe not so much in the first book, but definitely in the later books). I do enjoy reading your reviews of the show 🙂 Thank you for writing them!

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        1. Reading this comment, I had a thought. What if the Hound is resurrected to fight for the Faith in Cersei’s trial against the Mountain, going on to beat him. That’d be closure for him.
          Of course, as you’ve pointed out in detail, the book and show are taking different routes to the same destination. I mainly said so because the storylines of Jon, Arya, the Lannisters, Dany and Bran have all passed the fifth book, from what I’ve read on the internet (might be wrong).
          I sometimes think of reading the books but the sheer size of some of them disheartens me, so to say. Hopefully someday in the future I’ll get down to reading them.
          I don’t know what the “shipper” is. Care to shed some light on that?
          Finally, I’m glad you enjoy the reviews. Appreciation can work wonders for any writer, and this is my first time reviewing a TV series. Hopefully I can get better and you get to enjoy the reviews more and more. Thanks a lot. 🙂

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  2. “Shipping” is “to endorse a romantic relationship” 🙂 I have no idea where that term started from – the definition I got was from urban dictionary. And Yes – I kind of agree somewhat with you on the Hound fighting for the faith against the Mountain – if I’m correct in what Ian McShane’s role is, it will hopefully tie in to the Hound’s story. Although, what shape he’ll be in to fight the Mountain is unknown. I’ve heard people call it “CleganeBowl” (like the Super Bowl, but with the Clegane brothers). And yeah, I agree it would be closure for show Sandor (the Hound). But book Sandor has some unfinished business with Sansa, which is very subtle. Many people miss it on the first read of the books, and many people just flat out refuse to see it, but it is there. In regards to the books, you’ve probably got the hardest part already taken care of – you will be able to keep the characters straight. There is such a massive cast of characters in the books, that it really takes awhile for some to get into the books, but being familiar with the show will help. And for the most part, the casting has been perfection, and now I can’t read the books without picturing the actors. Probably the Hound has been the most different, simply because of the age difference – I think the Hound in the books is like 27 or 28.

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    1. Shipping like what the show depicted in the first two seasons. A subtle hint of romance, or was it patronage, between the Hound and Sansa.
      CleganeBowl sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
      I didn’t know about the age of the Hound in the books. But the exciting thing is, Mr. Bjornsson, who plays the Mountain on the show, is around 27-28 only, although he looks closer to 40.
      I think you’re right in that I’d be able to follow the book better now that I’ve watched the show. And I feel, the endgame for both will be that the Iron Throne is left blank and deserted, like what Bran once saw in his visions. Westerosi democracy, maybe?
      And of course, the casting has been top-notch. Can’t say whether they match their descriptions from the books (there was a video on YouTube showing the differences in some 15 characters), but they’ve nailed their parts, absolutely.

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  3. Oh wow – I would never have guessed actor playing the Mountain to be 27-28!! Oooh – interesting idea that the Iron Throne would be empty. I don’t know what I want in the end. Sometimes I think Jon ruling, other times Dany, maybe as co-rulers (Ice & Fire), but then there is Tyrion, and Sansa would be a great queen. Perhaps the walkers will take over and all of Westeros will be destroyed in some way (that would be depressing). We’ll find out soon and definitely before the books are done! But the speculating sure is fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wild speculations are really fun. Jon or Dany, with Tyrion as the Hand, are the most logical outcomes. But the show has twice hinted that the building having the Iron Throne is desecrated or something and the whole room is just full of snow. I think that could be what we get. Democracy would be cool.
      The walkers will come, by the end of this season at best, and next season should see the war between light and dark.

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