Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 Review

I will be reviewing the whole of Game Of Thrones (GOT) season 6.

Be warned though, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS….







Castle Black :

The best player in the Game Of Thrones.

Sansa meets Littlefinger at Mole’s Town and pours out all the hatred and anger she had against him for his betrayal. she even asks him what he thinks Ramsay did to her. Surprise, surprise!! Littlefinger is lost for words until Brienne steps in to remind him of her sword. Playing the game now, Sansa spares his life. Littlefinger though, is an even better player. He tells her that Brynden “Blackfish” Tully has retaken Riverrun. It would be good to know how he managed to escape The Red Wedding. For all the threat to his life, Littlefinger still gives Sansa a parting shot about Jon, calling him her “half brother,” after she tells him she has her brother’s army and doesn’t need his help. Neat!

Braavos :

Arya has improved in her fighting but still gets soundly beaten by the waif who taunts her, calling her “Lady Stark.” I had an eerie feeling. What if the waif is Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart? Jaqen arrives to take Arya to the Hall of many faces and tells her its origin. This is an episode of origins. We have two more, much bigger origin stories told here later. Jaqen asks her whether she’d like to serve the many-faced God. She denies and he assigns her a hit on an actress.

That actress is part of a troupe that’s enacting streetplays about the death of Robert Baratheon and Ned Stark’s beheading. Arya watches intently until the play relives the memories of “Baelor,” S01E09 for her.

The Tree :

White Walker : Genesis

Bran and the Raven go on another of their trips to the past, only this one is so big it manages to answer a huge, huge question that had fans theorising for decades — The origin of the white walkers/the others. Turns out, the children of the forest led by Leaf stabbed Dragonglass in the heart of a human being to create the white walkers. The ceremony took place at a weirwood tree that had stones arranged spirally in the manner we saw back in season 2 when the Watch members went to The Fist of the First Men. so another throwback to an earlier season and episode. When Bran asks Leaf why they did so, she replies, “To defend ourselves from you, from men.” For those who don’t know, the Children were the first inhabitants of the forest and when the First Men arrived, there was a war between the two parties. The Night King’s identity is still a mystery but this reveal answered a real big question.

Iron Islands :

The Kingsmoot is on. Yara stakes her claim and despite some trepidation, Theon supports her. Then party-pooper Euron comes in. He mocks Theon and accepts Yara’s charge that he killed Balon (“because he wasn’t taking us anywhere.”) His offer – he’ll offer the Iron fleet to Dany — along with the unmentionables — and that will help the Ironborn get back at the Westerosi lords. Lo and behold! Euron is elected King. Much as I dislike Euron, I think that his elevation makes more sense, tying the story of the Iron Islands with the main storyline. I’m pretty sure though that he will meet his maker sooner than he has imagined (Prediction : Dany’s Dragons clean him up). Oh, and by the way, Theon and Yara know they’re up against a psycopathic murderer and escape with the best ships. No problem, the Ironborn will make new ships.

Vaes Dothrak :

Jorah wants to take leave and shows Dany his greyscale. She is teary-eyed and gracious for his loyalty. Jorah finally manages to try getting out from the friendzone. “I love you. I have always loved you,”he says to her in front of Daario, who looks really uncomfortable. Dany is going to cry anytime now. She stops him from leaving, asks him to find the cure for his ailment and return back to her.

Meereen :

Tyrion says the people of the city need to know who brought them peace. Varys thinks he’s talking about a male. “Who said anything about a “him?”,” Tyrion hits back. Remember the scene from the season 5 trailer when Varys told him about Dany? Well this was payback for that. They meet a priestess from the Red Temple of Volantis, Kinvara, who has the task to spread the good word about Dany. She says that she’ll put her “most eloquent priests” on the task. Time for Ian McShane to debut? Kilvara also says that Dany is the one who was promised. Varys taunts her and her God, saying Melisandre used to say Stannis is the one (Mel now thinks Jon is the one). Tyrion doesn’t think this is the right idea, messing with a servant of R’hllor. But Varys persists. He is put in his place by Kinvara when she tells him what voice called out to him from the flames the night he was castrated. Varys is horrified.

The Tree :

Touched by Evil.

Seeing that the Raven and all others are asleep, Bran sneaks away on a warging trip. He returns to what I think is the same tree, but all snowy now. He walks through an army of wights who don’t know he’s there and comes face-to-face with the Night King, who can actually see him. Bran turns to find that the wights are all looking at him now. By now, the Night King is standing behind him. He screams out in horror as the Night King grips his arm. Bran wakes up from his warging and tells the Raven about it, who coolly says that he needs to leave the place, since the Night King can now enter the tree (“his mark is on you.”) He also says that the time has come for Bran to become the Raven although he isn’t ready for that, and begins uploading his whole data into Bran’s mind.

Castle Black :

Ser Davos is strategising for the Battle of Winterfell with Jon and the others. When he tells them that they don’t have much support in the North, Sansa questions him how much he knows the North. Jon is like why is she even messing with Davos? Davos though, coolly clears his point through his vast knowledge of men, never mind the North. Sansa tells the team that the Blackfish has organized the Tully army, but lies about how she came to know of it. For all her sisterly love for Jon (she even gifts him a overcoat/cape made herself, like the one Ned used to wear), there’s something about Baelish that’s holding her back.

Wildling love

And when they leave Castle Black, we have a funny scene where Tormund is eyeing Brienne, who looks away in filthy hate. Romance, maybe?

The Tree :

After all the big drama we had in the episode, we come to the best, and perhaps one of the most heartbreakingly shocking — not to say visually awesome — set-piece. Bran is getting the data upload when Merra runs out to see that the Walkers have arrived with their army. Leaf asks her to run away taking Bran while the Children hold the Others.

Fire cannot stop a White Walker.

The first big shock – the White Walkers can walk through fire. The wights dig through the roots of the tree to enter the sanctum. Bran and the Raven are in the backyard at Winterfell where Rickard Stark is telling a young Ned to be strong during his stay in the Vale. The interesting thing here is, the voices from the present are seeping into the visions, as Meera is trying to wake Bran up and warg into Hodor. On the Raven’s insistence in the vision, Bran does so and Hodor takes up his sledge to take them through the secret tunnel through the tree. Meanwhile, Meera finishes off a White Walker with a Dragonglass-tipped spear. Ordinarily, we’d have jumped in joy at that scene. Here its just a footnote. Summer is lynched trying to save Bran and co. The Night King enters the tree, sees the Raven warging and gets ready to kill him. Back in Winterfell, the Raven says to Bran, “The time has come, leave me!” He looks forlorn, and we are also pained to see Max Von Sydow leaving the show so soon. It would have been nice to have more of him. A while later, even Leaf blasts herself with one of those round bombs they have to protect Bran and party. Hodor opens the tunnel’s door with great effort and Meera drags the sledge away, asking him to “hold the door” (reference to the episode title) against the oncoming wights. In Winterfell, Bran comes face to face with Wylis, the young Hodor who could speak. As the two lock eyes, Wylis wargs and gets seizures, repeatedly saying, “Hold the door” until it becomes, yeah right, ‘Hodor.’ Coupled with the melancholy soundtrack, it is an excruciatingly painful scene where have another origin story told only this one is more disturbing than any other. Hodor is holding the door in the present as the wights tear wood off it and start scratching him.

Even for a show that has made a habit of shocking and surprising us, this was something new. The origin of the White Walkers was explained, Braavos’ creation was told too but without doubt, Hodor’s history was something that defied genre boundaries. It was sci-fi and fantasy blended into one. One vould be mistaken for thinking that topping this would be tough for Messrs. Benioff and Weiss. But we know better, don’t we?

“Hold the Door.”

What do you think of the episode and its various reveals?Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Images Credit : Google Images/HBO



  1. I liked this episode. It was the first one where I felt we truly ventured into spoiler territory for book readers, so I’m a bit conflicted about how I feel. I think we’ll get far more detail in the book with regards to the Children and also Hodor. I think Hodor’s death will play out a bit differently in the books – I’ve for years thought Hodor’s name had to do with “a door” somewhere, but I’ve always leaned towards the door to the crypts of Winterfell. So I thought those reveals were done well, but I am disappointed not to read them as GRRM surely intended to do those reveals himself in the books and not via show. I dunno. As much as I liked this episode, I felt very sad and instead of being glad to learn new things, I’m wondering if I really want to continue to watch the show. But one good thing – Brienne is going to the Riverlands! That is one point in the favor of Lady Stoneheart appearing. !!

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    1. This was epic even by GOT’s standards, wasn’t it? So after last week’s debate, the show finally convinced you that it is going in uncharted territory. This can be underwhelming for book readers like you but that was always the risk with GRRM’s pace.
      I think the origins of both the White Walkers and Hodor will definitely be explored much more in the book. We’re still in the dark about how the Night King got in the Children’s hands. He was a commander of the Night’s Watch, wasn’t he? Or is that one of the fan theories?
      To be able to even guess that Hodor’s name had something to do with doors, wow you have quite an imagination. You couldn’t be faulted for not knowing the actual reason though. This kind of reveal, only GRRM could have come up with it. I’m still a bit confused though. Bran affected Wylis’ mind when he went back. But Wylis was Hodor long before that long before Bran received his Greenseer powers. This sci-fi and fantasy blend is mind-twisting for me.
      I’m excited for Brienne’s trip too. It’d have been illogical to expect Lady Stoneheart two seasons back but with the Starks rising again, I think it’d add a new dimension to the show.
      I think you should still keep watching it (and reading my reviews 😉 ). The books will be shocking and better than the show despite the reveals.

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  2. The whole Bran / Bloodraven / Hodor bit was confusing to me too. I wasn’t exactly sure what was happening. Did Bran try to skinchange Wylis in the past, while he was in the vision, and that’s what triggered Hodor? It was confusing, and I’m not sure what this means going forward in terms of what Bran could potentially do in the past in regards to the future. Or perhaps Bran will be so horrified at what happened that he will stop skinchanging humans, because that is bad, bad, bad. Where is Winds when we need it???!!!!
    I see your point about Lady Stoneheart, because they would’ve had to do something with her for two seasons … but if she appears at the end of this season, I think timing would be right, and makes a lot of sense for the TV show. I’ve always been shocked they haven’t gone the Lady Stoneheart route just because that scene in the books was so jaw-dropping. And it would make sense to have her reveal come at the same time Brienne meets her (those happen in two different scenes in the books, but it makes sense to combine those scenes for the show).
    I’m not sure if show Night’s King is the same as the books Night’s King – to be honest, sometimes with the wights and the others and the walkers I get confused as to what is what! But yes, I believe the Night’s King was one of the Night’s Watch commanders who fell in love with a woman with white ice-like skin and blue eyes. I really need to do a reread, but I’m trying to hold off until the release date for Winds is announced.

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    1. I read a few articles yesterday and they mentioned that there are theories out there on the internet that say that everything happening in the world of ASOIAF is Bran’s doing. See the fact that there are a number of Bran/Brandon in the history, including Bran the builder. That might sound crazy but it gives an idea about what Bran could potentially do. He can go back and affect events for a hugely different outcome, or maybe he can only go back and change the events so that they follow different routes to the same end. Either way, that is not good. The Wylis/Hodor bit would need an official explanation I guess.

      The Night King must be the same, because there can’t be two of the same name there although, now that you mentioned the woman with blue eyes, might it so have happened that he was lured/seduced by one of the Children who was in the form of that woman?
      I hope WoW can clear these and other threads.

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      1. Interesting theories about Bran. I’ve heard theories about Bloodraven being the master manipulator, and now that Bran has become Bloodraven 2.0 that is very very interesting. Although I honestly don’t see how Meera can get very far dragging Bran through the snow.
        I’ll have to look into the new theories now that the show has given us new information – I like the forums, they’ve got a lot of good stuff on there. I’ve never commented on the forums, but just read all the different ideas and analysis.
        Interesting thought about the woman being one of the Children. Brings up a good point of him being lured out there.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I thought the same too. For all the sacrifice Hodor did, I don’t understand howe Meera can drag that sledge far enough from the White Walkers for the two of them to be safe? Maybe we’ll see some new feature of Bran’s powers next week. He can’t die at this point.
          I haven’t checked as yet. Will do now. I read articles on and Screen Rant. EW have very detailed analyses, plus cast interviews every week. Watchers on the wall is a great forum as well.

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  3. Bran’s plotline should be very interesting going forward. I think the show has succeeded in making his plotline more interesting to the majority of viewers. I like, I read their recaps for GOT and for other shows as well. I’ll have to check out Screen Rant and also Watchers on the Wall – I keep forgetting about that last one. There is also Tower of the Hand. There are so many great sites! Can spend hours/days on there looking at various theories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha ha ha. True that. And we haven’t even started on YouTube. So many wonderful analytical videos there. I liked one that GOT official team did titled, “The Real History Behind Game Of Thrones.” If you haven’t watched that, you should now.
      I agree that Bran’s story should be very interesting henceforth. He has time-travel abilities which can shed light on the mysteries of Westeros. He is a Greenseer now and can warg into just about anyone or anuthing. This will prove important in the eventual fight. I’d love to see him control one of Dany’s dragon to burn the wights. That’d be so cool!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope he will control one of the dragons at some point! I think the dragon fire will be the only way to kill the wights. Thanks for the video recommendation – I will need to watch that one day.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t know why, but I feel Jon will kill the Night King with his sword. That would carry a lot more weight than his being burned in a fire with sundry other wights. But yes, dragon fire is what will kill the wights en massé.
          Thank you for your recommendations too. And thanks a lot, again, for reading and commenting on the review. It’s always a pleasure to bounce ideas and theories with you.
          Have a good day.

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  4. I agree that a sword will play a role in defeating the Night King. I’m undecided who will wield that sword though – all signs point to Jon, which makes me think it will end up being someone else, who that is I’m not sure. It’s fun to chat about the different theories! I hope the rest of the season has as much food for thought as this episode did.

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  5. Hi, I see you’re reviewing all the episodes of season-6. Neat.
    I loved this episode the most till now because finally something surprising happened, otherwise it was getting a little predictable. Though I hate to watch this season without having read the book, but something’s better than nothing, right?
    Great review. Can’t wait for Tuesday to watch the next episode!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello. Thanks for dropping by and for the kind words. Thanks a ton for the follow on the blog too.
      I have loved the series for long and thought of trying my hand at TV review with this season.
      This episode will go down as one of the best in the series I guess. It was good enough before the final 10-15 minutes happened but what took place in the end was pure epic, wasn’t it?
      I fail to see how you feel it was getting predictable, apart from the Jon resurrection bit. Clairvoyant, are you? 😀
      Haven’t read the books but I can see what you are feeling. Yes it is better to have something at least, especially with GRRM’s pace. And also, the books will be epic when they come out, hopefully even better than the show.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi. You’re welcome. Thanks for following back. 🙂
        And nope, I’m no Clairvoyant, but I have read the entire series 2 times so far and know GRRM’s writing style well enough to know what might happen (albeit it’s always a guess far off.) But as someone who hasn’t read the series, I’m sure you might find it unpredictable. Like any other case, books have so much more to offer to a reader than the adaptation.
        And the books are already better than the show. And even though season 6 came out before Winds Of Winter, the book will still have the POVs of a dozen characters which the TV series left out [I’m looking forward to know about Aegon Targaryen (son of Rhaegar) and his god father Jon Connington (who was actually the one who saved Tyrion’s life and got greyscale in the the process.]
        As I said, the TV series is not even half of what’s there in the books.

        Today’s the next episode, can’t wait to watch it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah obviously, the books have to be bigger and better than the show. What I like about the show relatively is that despite having only 10 hours per season, they do a excellent job every year. I don’t think being a book reader makes one eligible to make correct prophesies and hence your abilities, so to say, are wonderful. 😀
          I’ve put up the review for episode 6. Do share your opinions on that too. Thanks again. 🙂

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