The Lake

रहिमन पानी राखियै, बिन पानी सब सून ।
पानी गयै ना उबरै, मोती, मानुष, चून ।।

The great medieval poet Abdurraheem Khankhana aka Raheem said, “Keep paani (sparkle/humility/water) because without it all three — pearl, man and lime respectively, are useless.

A half-dry Hamirsar lake in Bhuj, headquarters of Kutch district, Gujarat, India in what is called godhulibela (twilight) in Hindi. Summers here are early and long, and usually oppressive too, leading to huge water scarcity.


PicsArt_05-30-07.53.58 - Copy.jpgI thank Sona for inviting me to this challenge. Do check out her lovely blog. I have a lot to learn in photography. Hopefully this is a start. Posted for the Mundane Monday Challenge.



  1. Well, this photograph really is timely, for the North Indian summer is completely upon us. Half dried lakes or river beds is what I encountered all through Punjab in my recent traveling.
    Your picture looks better for being clicked in the ‘cow dust hour’ 🙂 I’ll forever think of twilight as the ‘godhulibela’ now onwards.

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    1. Thank you. You were primarily responsible for this image to find its way to the internet. With water growing dearer by the day, it is upon us to conserve it and use it judiciously. Alas, we have never been a foreseeing species!
      Can’t stop smiling thinking of your comment on godhulibela. 🙂
      When are you putting your entry?


      1. Some days I hope that I can even hold the phone camera steady 😛
        The bird flew away, having learnt how to fly 🙂 it was wonderful to see it hopping and then fluttering before learning to spread its wings.

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  2. This picture somewhat says the condition of summer out there. Well here in my place I can find rivers with no water at all. The dog in the picture makes it interesting.
    Thank you for joining the challenge and good luck with bettering your photography 🙂

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    1. This year’s forecast is for a good monsoon. That means the water problems should be solved in the short term but long term, we need a lot of work on water conservation. Hopefully things will get better.
      You started the challenge I presume. So thanks to you for creating a platform to find beauty in everyday things and providing us with a chance to better our photography skills. 🙂
      Happy blogging. God bless. And thanks a ton for dropping by and sharing your opinion. 🙂

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      1. Yes, lets hope that things will get better.
        Yes, I started this challenge. I am glad to know that you think it can improve your photography skills. Hope to see you again.
        All the best to you too. Happy blogging.

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    1. Quite a similar condition here too. Dry, sandy and arid for most of the year. Why don’t you join this challenge? It’d be fun, trying to find beauty in normal, everyday things through your camera!


        1. Nothing that asks you to do too much. Click on the link to the challenge and you’ll be redirected to the page of the guy who started it. You need to take a picture, any picture, that tells a story of its own and post it on your blog, once every week, with the link to the weekly challenge. Simple!


            1. If you wish to tell others what you wanted to capture? Yes, then. Do one thing. Click on the link and check the other contributions. Would provide a better idea. 🙂


              1. You’ve to write the same lines that I’ve written, with the hyperlink for that week’s challenge provided, as I’ve done. That’s how the other bloggers will come to know that you’ve participated. Plus, provide a tag for the same when you post it. Photography, mundane Monday challenge as tags. Makes it easier to search them through the reader’s tag follower and also through Google and other search engines.

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