Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Review

I will be reviewing the whole of Game Of Thrones (GOT) season 6.

Be warned though, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS….







North Of The Wall :

Meera is doing her best to take Bran to safety. Bran is still very comfortably in Warg Mode and having visions of the Whole history of Westeros. We see a lot of people and incidents, including the Mad King screaming, “Burn Them All!” i think that particular vision is a clue that Bran did indeed have a had in Aerys II becoming mad. Anyway, they are surrounded by wights and like in the season premiere, here too a Stark is saved. Coldhands aka Medieval Ghost Rider comes out of the snowy blue and saves the day, taking Meera and Bran to safety.

Horn Hill :

A Tarly family dinner.

Gilly and Sam reach his castle which is quite magnificent. Sam doesn’t want her to tell his father taht she’s a wildling, and asks her to present Sam Jr. as their son.His mother and sister are compassionate and the young kid playing Sam Jr. is so cute. Later at dinner, as Sam’s aptly-named brother Dickon scoffs at him and Lord Tarly starts tearing into him, Gilly springs to his defense and unwittingly betrays her origin, leading to the two of them both being scorned. Sam is tongue-tied and is asked to leave at first light. Disappointed, he bids his love and adopted son goodbye but then returns, moments later, to take them both with him. He also takes his family sword Heartsbane, Valyrian Steel and all, with him. What. A. Man!

King’s Landing :

The High Sparrow has Tommen in his grip now, unbeknownst to the members of the royal family. When he is allowed by the Sparrow to meet Margaery, she starts to open her mind to him. But, sensing fast that he is on the Sparrow’s side, she catches her tongue. Say what you will about her, but Maragery is a cool-as-ice customer. A philosophical statement from her made me ponder on Tommen’s fate. I think he’s gonna die before the season is up.

Braavos :

Arya is watching the same play for the third time but thankfully, we’re shown the Purple Wedding this time now. She’s enjoying Joffrey’s death in particular even as the rest of the audience are gloomy. Before the play ends, she goes backstage to mix the poison she had into Lady Crane’s bottle of Rum. But her existing affection for her and the subsequent scene, in which the two of them talk fondly, leads her to save the actress right before she’s about to drink from the glass. She even warns Crane that the Sansa actor wants her dead. Waif sees her doing this. Arya is now ready to leave Braavos as she takes out Needle from its hiding place. Meanwhile, Waif gets her death contract from Jaqen. My bet — Arya pierces Waif’s neck with Needle in the next episode.

Time for some Needle-ing.

King’s Landing :

The Tyrell army, led by Jaime and Lord Tyrell, reaches to the Sept of Baelor to stop Marge’s Walk of Shame. Even Lady Olenna is there, waving her hand-fan. Jaime says he’s speaking with the authority of King Tommen, First of his name blah blah. He, and the rest of them, are dumbfounded when the High Sparrow turns the tables by announcing that there would be no Walk of Atonement and that Tommen has come to the Gods, proclaiming the new partnership as an alliance between “The Crown and The Faith.” (I’m pretty sure this has it’s roots in medieval europe, particularly UK. Do tell me if you have any idea.) Jaime is flushed, Olenna angry and Lord Tyrell, like many viewers apparently, has no idea what’s happening. Says Olenna, “He’s beaten us.”

“Crown and Faith!”

In the court, Jaime is relieved of his Kingsguard duties by Tommen and asked to go to Riverrun and take back the castle. I suspect there was foul play from the Tyrells here, although I can’t say with surety. But yes, Dumbhead Tommen did double cross his parents, if unknowingly.

Jaime and Cersei discuss the implications of his going away. Jaime  obviously doesn’t wanna go but Cersei coaxes him, stoking his Lannister pride. The two then indulge in some heavy kissing and petting. Ewww. So all decks cleared for the reunion of jaime and Brienne.

Riverlands :

Walder Frey, once the most hated man in Westeros, returns to the show to rebuke his sons for losing Riverrun’s Castle. He asks them to take it back. As a baragining chip, we are shown Edmure Tully, nephew of the Blackfish, whose fate was never cleared after the Red Wedding.

North Of The Wall :

Welcome back, Benjen Stark!

Coldhands takes off his mask and scarf to reveal his true identity. Surprise!!!! It is Benjen Stark (as if half the internet didn’t already know that!). Apparently, he was stabbed by a White Walker and left to turn but the Children of the Forest saved him with the help of Dragonglass, in the same manner as they created the White Walkers. He does have shades of ice across his face. The interesting thing is, he was always in contact with the Three-Eyed Raven, saying that Bran — the new TER — called him to help. He also knows that Bran has seen things now. And he tells Bran that though he isn’t ready to be the TER right now, he will be ready and standing before the Night King and his army when they inevitably march on the Land of the Living. So after Jon and Sansa, this is another of the stark reunions this season. All this is so positive that I can’t believe I’m actually watching it on GOT. Let’s see how many of these Starks survive the endgame.

Somewhere in DothrakiLand :

Dany and Drogon.

Dany’s troops halt for her and Daario to discuss about who has the 1000 ships she needs for her march on Westeros. No one, says Daario. She senses Drogon’s presence and takes off on her horse to find her. A while later, she returns on Drogon and gives an impassioned and powerful speech asking the Odthraki to support her,”now and always.” The speech had a lot of similarities from Khal Drogo’s speech from season 1 when he was making his ill-fated designs to kill his enemies. Now the teaser for the next episode showed Yara and Theon drinking in a bar. I think it’s in Essos somewhere. That’d mean they could be meeting Dany with their ships before Euron. Interesting!

After the dramatic and emotional high of “The Door”, the series steps back to move the various pawns. While the dramatic quotient was high as usual, the episode largely put in place things for the final few episodes to make a(literal) killing.

What do you think of the episode and its various reveals?Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Images Credit : Google Images/HBO.



  1. This episode felt like all set up for future episodes. I didn’t mind the step back from action, and I probably liked this episode far more than I should.
    I didn’t quite understand the whole High Sparrow / Tommen / Margaery plot, but I wasn’t paying any attention when Tommen & Margaery were talking as the scene was extremely boring. Maybe it’s just Tommen I don’t like.
    I agree with you that the Waif will die soon.
    Interesting thoughts that Bran had something to do with Aerys turning mad. I was just taking that vision as the writer/director of the episode putting a little bit of the book in the show, but now that you mention it I’m intrigued.
    Dany’s end scene was great to look at, but it felt out of place. Why was she giving a big speech right then? Was it only because she got Drogon back? It just felt a little off.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. From what I think, Marge was tasked by the High Sparrow to assist Tommen’s turn to the Faith so as to get Loras released. She is no convert, as she proclaims to him. She has had her own agenda all this while. If you get to watch that Tommen-Marge scene somewhere again, you’d notice how she checks her tongue. She has played her cards well always. And we’ll have the CleganeBowl in the season finale I think where the Hound will win (I think). This means things are going to be very bad for Cersei.
      The internet is rife with speculations about what all Bran has done in Westeros’ past. There’s even talk of him being R’hllor, whispering in the ears of priests like how Ned heard him at the Tower of Joy. Pretty far-fetched maybe?
      Dany’s speech there was an attempt to reaffirm the Dothraki’s loyalty. Give a speech sitting on a Dragon and you’ll know. 😀
      Oh, and it was a direct reference to Drogo’s speech from season 1. Too many of those this season. Personally I don’t like her call to murder people. But I think that is indeed what we’re gonna see next season.
      Thanks for taking time out to read and share your opinion as usual. Grateful for that. 🙂

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      1. Margaery is too smart and I agree she isn’t a convert and is just playing Tommen and the High Sparrow. I wonder how this will affect the Kings Landing plotline going forward or if there will be any difference in the relations between High Sparrow and the King. I actually don’t really care, it’s gotten so boring, but CleganeBowl will definitely spice things up!!
        I watched the review of this episode, and the reviewer had a great thought about Dany’s speech at the end of this episode. She said it would’ve been better had Drogon swooped in and set fire to the Dosh Khaleen temple (?) 2 episodes ago, and had Dany coming out of the flames with Drogon behind her and then made her speech. Now that would’ve been awesome!! Seems like we’re getting same-old, same-old in regards to certain characters and scenes.

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        1. I think Tommen’s gonna die real soon. Such a total fool, he is. And I concur with you, the King’s Landing storyline is pulling the show down. I mean, 2-3 seasons back, the storyline there was centerpiece. That is no longer the case now. All the clash and the focus has shifted way north. So let’s hope CleganeBowl will give us something to savour, finally.
          I need to check that review now. That definitely would have been awesome but then, it wouldn’t have given Dany the chance to put the Khals in their place with only her words. Plus, Drogon making his entry then would have provided an air of fortuitousness to the whole episode rather than the intent it actually had.
          I think Sam becoming a Maester should have a big role in the endgame. I can see him making an entry in the final fight with a gem or two gleaned from Oldtwon’s books — How To Destroy White Walkers 101! That is partly a necessity or else, this much time spent by the show on his character’s growth would be meaningless, wouldn’t it?

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  2. I definitely think Sam is going to learn something important from the Citadel. So far the show is slightly behind on his plotline from the books, but the show went to Horn Hill (which I liked seeing) and the books haven’t done that yet. Sam is a point of view character in the books, so he is destined to play some important role rather than sidekick I think.
    It will be interesting if Tommen dies, then who will sit on the Iron Throne? That will send King’s Landing into uproar!!


    1. That is what remains to be seen, who rules after Tommen? Maybe the threat of Dany and White Walkers would be so advanced by then that the various houses would have to kind of forget the Throne (well that sounds like a lot of crap) 😀

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