The King Of The World


From the late Muhammad Ali to Peter Jackson, many have proclaimed at some point or the other in their awesome lives to be “The King of the World.” I think this dog here wouldn’t mind throwing his hat in the ring too.

Posted for the New Mundane Monday Challenge.

I’d like to apologize to my readers and followers for going AWOL for close to two weeks. Had some important work that demanded I put WP on the back burner for a little while. Now that I’m back, you’ll receive notifications and mails with the same irregular regularity that you used to earlier. 😀
It was heartwarming to have people checking out the blog even in my absence and leaving their beautiful feedbacks.

I also want to send a thank you and complements to Photrablogger for the newer version of the MMC.

P. S. : No offence meant to the great Mr. Ali or Mr. Jackson. May God bless your soul, The Greatest. The world is a poorer place in your absence. RIP!


    1. Na na, I didn’t! I was walking in the morning when I saw this Superdude on the car. A click-worthy moment I thought, and the result is in front of you.
      Thanks for the kind words. He is indeed happy that all is quiet in the realm. 🙂


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