Game of Thrones Season 06 Finale Review

This is a review of Game Of Thrones (GOT) season 6, episode 10.

Be warned though, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS

GOT has epic episode 9s, like last week’s “Battle of the Bastards”, which provide us with some memorable battles. Then there are the season finales which, in addition to major reveals, typically have cliffhangers that keep us fans discussing and theorizing for the next 10 months.

King’s Landing :

Cersei is getting dressed up, apparently for her trial but actually in anticipation of the events to come. She takes up her position in the Red Keep with a wine glass in hand and decanter on the table. The others are also getting ready – Margaery, the High Sparrow, Loras etc. Loras gets a haircut for the big occasion. Loras doesn’t want to contest the charges levelled against him, accepting whatever punishment the Gods decree. He wants to serve the Faith and hence gets the gift of a carving on his forehead. Lord Mace Tyrell tries to stop it but Margaery intervenes. Loras’ confession and the way Marge stops it all seems premeditated. So far so good. But when Cersei doesn’t arrive for her trial, nor does Tommen (who is stopped by the Frankenmountain), Marge senses danger. She angrily implores the Sparrow to leave the Sept but he declines, scoffing at her suggestions that they’re in danger. Simultaneously, Lancel and Pycelle are lured by Qyburn’s little birds to the city’s basement. Pycelle is memorably lynched by the birds while Lancel is lured to the hallway containing drums of wildfire and stabbed in the butt/thigh. He slowly drags himself to where three candles are burning on some leaked wildfire.

Wildfire Blaze.

Before he can extinguish the candles though, the wildfire catches fire, sending an explosion rippling through the city’s underground and blasting the Sept of Baelor – with Marge, Loras, Mace, Kevan all inside. Right before the explosion though, the smirk is wiped off the face of the High Sparrow as he finally learns that Cersei Lannister has paid her debts.

The explosion through the underbelly of the city is what we saw in Bran’s visions back in episode 6. Although the CGI of the explosions is not very good, the scene where the bell from the Sept falls on the street, is great. Cersei looks at the Sept with a contented smile on her face. Tommen though, is shocked beyond belief. Apart from the way the whole sequence was shot, I also loved the use of Piano and Violin for the background music. The music is soft and soothing but creates an eerie, unsettling effect, particularly because we know things are going to turn ugly.

Cersei isn’t done with her revenge yet, though. She drenches a bound Septa Unella in wine, accepts all the charges levelled against her and reminds Unella of the warning she had given back in season 5 about her (Cersei’s) face being the last she’d see before she dies. Unella is happy to die. But Cersei isn’t letting her off so easily. She calls in Ser Gregor Clegane (yes the Mountain has his birth name still, instead of the unattractive, and fairly normal, Ser Robert Strong), who removes his headgear for the first time since his rebirth, to do horrible things to her and leaves her screaming. After two seasons of being humiliated and underestimated by others, Cersei has finally got her revenge and her mojo back.

Adios, Puppet King.

Poor Tommen is so depressed at seeing his love Marge and his dear uncle Sparrow dead that he gets up and jumps off the window of the Red Keep. This sequence is also masterfully shot, with the camera remaining fixed at the window from start to finish. Tommen gets up, goes outside the frame to keep his crown, comes back, steps up the window, and lets go. Now while the deaths of Joffrey and Myrcella weren’t Cersei’s mistakes, this one here is all her fault. In addition to the killings in the Sept, she also left Tommen alone in his hour of greatest psychological need. Hence the price to pay. In one season, she has lost two of her offsprings. Half  of the prophecy she was told has come true now.

The Twins :

After the capture of the Riverrun castle, Walder Frey is hosting a party for the alliance in his castle’s hall. Bronn is trying to woo a girl serving drinks but she’s interested in Jaime instead. Poor Bronn blames it on Jaime’s genes and silver spoons. So Jaime fixes up two beauties for him. Walder Frey joins him at the table and starts boasting. By now, Jaime has started getting interested in that girl and tired of Frey. He gives him a piece of his mind about how useless the Freys are if the Lannisters have to keep riding north and secure castles for him.

Back to King’s Landing :

Cersei sees Tommen’s corpse and when Qyburn aks her about the funeral arrangements, with the Sept gone, she asks for the body to be burnt and the ashes cremated where the Sept once stood, so that Tommen can lie with his siblings and his grandfather. Then walks off, ashen-faced. Was this another of those moments where her joy turned to ashes in her mouth? We should maybe ask Tyrion. Send a Raven!

Oldtown :

Samwell and Gilly finally reach their destination with little Sam and Heartsbane. The Citadel looks majestic. Sam goes to the reception counter and hands in the Letter o Recommendation. As it turns out, the Maester Academy hasn’t updated its records of the Night’s Watch since Jeor Mormont’s reign. The receptionist is quirky, looking and behaving like a modern-day bureaucrat. He lets Sam into the library while stopping Gilly and the kid. As Sam walks the corridors filled with bookshelves, he comes to the heart of the library. It is huge and looks so beautiful.

That Nerdy look!

No wonder Sam is awestruck. Any self-respecting book reader would be. This scene is an ode to the readers of the ASOIAF books from the showrunners I think, and it’s wonderful.

Winterfell :

Jon and Melisandre are discussing the Stark family feasts at the dining table when Davos storms in and throws Shireen’s toy stag at Mel, asking her to tell Jon what she did. When she tells what happened — terrified — and justifies that the Lord of Light asked her to do so, Davos says such a God is an evil demon. He asks Jon’s permission to execute her. Mel accepts her “mistake” and tells Jon that she can help him win the Great War. Jon walks towards her. We know what’s coming. Honour is his middle name. So Jon banishes her to the south.

Later, as Mel rides south, Sansa joins Jon on the fort where he tells her that he has got the great room prepared for her. He wants her to rule, being a Stark and all. Sansa says that for her, he is a Stark. This is reassuring after what transpired last week. Jon actually ribs her about it when he says that the Knights of the Vale came because of her. Sansa apologizes for nottelling him earlier and Jon then asks that they must stand by each other now that they have “so many enemies” and kisses her on the forehead. Sansa tells him that a white Raven came from the Citadel with the message that Winter has officially arrived in Westeros. Jon recalls Ned Stark’s words, “Winter is coming.”

Dorne :

Lady Olenna has arrived to meet Ellaria, wearing black. She is in mourning for her family and one of Ellaria’s daughters tries to be too smart with her. She strikes all three of them down with her trademark sharpness and then deals with their mother. Ellaria tells her that they need to wage a war on their common enemies — The Lannisters. For this purpose, she presents her trump card – Lord Varys, who speaks only this — “Fire and Blood.” This references Dany’s desire to take what’s her — “I’ll take what’s mine with fire and blood.” That’s what she says, isn’t it?

Meereen :

Daario comes to meet Dany in her room, expecting some romance. Dany shocks him by telling that he will have to stay in Meereen to safeguard the city’s fragile peace and that she might marry a Lord in Westeros. Daario’s question, “Who are you marrying this time?” is funny in the context of her multiple nuptials. He also gauges correctly that this is Tyrion’s plan. Now the Dany of saeson 3 or 4 wouldn’t have been able to do this – sending a man who loves her away. But it is a remarkable character development and prrof of Tyrion’s growing influence on her that she takes this step. I must say I found this facet of hers very ambitious and ruthless, not keeping any stone unturned in her quest to get what she wants. The camera’s focus in these is also pretty close-up, leading to us feeling the tension and unease of the characters themselves. Bravo, Mr. Sapochnik! Oh, and they’re renaming Slaver’s Bay to Dragon’s Bay. Another of the trademarks of changing rulerships! When the departing Daario wishes her good luck and says of the Iron throne, “I hope it brings you happiness”, it felt oddly ominous. But then, aren’t most incidents in this world full of omens?

The Hand Of the Queen.

It falls to Tyrion to console Dany, a task which he predictably messes up. He also has a couple of memorable lines here (“you’re in the great game now…”). Dany anoints him the Hand of the Queen. Tyrion is honoured and close to tears as he bows down to her.  One thing that I didn’t understand in the episode is that why is everyone, from Cersei to Dany, wearing black? Season-ending collection by Ralph Lauren??

The Twins :

The girl who served wine to Jaime and Bronn is back in the hall now, but there’s only Walder Frey. She serves him cake and wine while he’s his usual profane, molesting self. As Frey calls out to his sons, the girl tells him they’re right there, on the table. Frey peels off the top layer of the delicacy to reveal body parts from his sons. As he shirks away, horrifies, the girl takes off the face to reveal her true identity – Arya Stark from Winterfell. She delivers a hugely satisfying line about a Stark looking down at him being the last thing he’d see before he dies. then she proceeds to slit his throat and hold it with a content, zen-like smile on her face. For her and for millions of fans out there, this is catharsis. It is also a fitting death in the GOT manner that punishes tyrants and oppressors with a style of death that they used against their adversaries (remember Catelyn’s death at the Red Wedding and Ramsay’s death last week).

The Starks send their regards.

Weirwood tree, Winterfell :

Littlefinger finally lays his desires bare in front of Sansa and us audiences. He wants both the Iron Throne and her. Sansa, despite knowing it all along, turns him down politely. When he tries to sweeten the deal by saying he (meaning the Vale) has declared in her favour, she puts him in his place. This is proof of her growing maturity. She’s no longer the awed, starstruck teenager we saw in season 1. This lady has learnt from the best player in all of Westeros and has now come into her own. Still, Littlefinger manages another parting shot, an attempt to drive a wedge between the half-siblings.

North of the Wall :

Benjen has brought Meera and Bran to the edge of the wall (almost). Since there are powerful spells in the wall, he can’t cross it, being dead and all. After he leaves, Bran tries to warg into the nearby Weirwood tree. Meera questions whether he’s ready for this step. Bran replies that being the Three-Eyed Raven, he has to be ready for this. This greensee ability is one of the most powerful things in the whole world, far as I know. We immediately get our wish fulfilled as Bran goes to the Tower of Joy. Perhaps he too is most interested in just one question — Who are Jon Snow’s parents? So he follows Ned into the Tower where Lyanna is on her deathbed. after some small talk, Lyanna says something inaudible in his ear, then continues at a higher pitch, “If robert finds out, he will. You know he will.” What does this mean? Well, as any half-wit kid would tell you, this most possibly referred to the idea that the kid she had then was Rhaegar’s. And if Robert came to know of him, he’ll get him killed, just like all the other Targaryen children.

“Promise me, Ned.”

So she hands the kid over to Ned with the famous last words, “Promise me, Ned.” The camera shifts to the face of the kid, whose hair as I could see, is blonde, unlike Jon’s. But then, the scene morphs into Jon’s face at Winterfell, with the focus remaining the same. So? I think short of screaming it out aloud, this is the clearest indication of the R+L=J theory being true. Happy? You bet!

Winterfell :

Demolition Gal

The various Lords of the North have been invited to discuss the aftermath of the BoB. While a few are sniggering at the wildlings and others still are bickering amongst themselves, Lady Mormont, she of the Valyrian steel-esque tongue and ammo of Max Payne, stands up. With her verbal shotgun at the ready, she mows down Manderlys, Glovers and Cerwyns in short order, then goes on to declare that she knows no king other than the one whose name is Stark, regardless of his being a bastard. Jon and Sansa, who’ve already experienced what her wrath can be like, are smiling. they know these petty Lords stand no chance against her. Sure enough, all the lords declare Jon their king,the White Wolf. Jon and Sansa are both initially taken back. But seeing the overwhelming emotions, they accept things and are happy at the turn of events. the only jarring note is Littlefinger, who’s sitting in a corner like he’s waiting on his friend to bring him some cocaine. He and Sansa exchange glances. This doesn’t bode well for Jon I guess. But I’ll wait and watch (as if I have any option. 😀 ).

“The King in the North.”

The remarkable thing is, Jon came back from being dead to being crowned king in the space of 10 weeks!

King’s Landing :

Jaime returns with his troops to see the ruins. He is angry. Really angry. He gets to the throne room in time for Cersei’s coronation. The siblings-cum-lovers (eww!) look at each other, both stony-faced. Now this I think will fulfill the other half of that prophesy, about Cersei’s Valonquar (little brother) killing her. Of course, I’m talking about Jaime. He killed his king once because the King wanted to burn King’s Landing down. Cersei has actually done it. Plus, she’s, indirectly at least, responsible for Tommen’s death.

Meereen :

Onward march, Dany!

Dany’s armada of some 300-400 ships is leaving of Westeros. It has the Unsullied, the Dothraki and the Ironborn too. Varys and Tyrion are on the deck with Dany. I presume this is a time jump from the meeting in Dorne. There aren’t helicopters or private jets in Westeros, are there? The episode, and the season, ends with the flying dragons screaming as they move towards Westeros. It is an imposing scene, one which shows us what kind of a headache the Lannisters, and more accurately, Cersei, are going to be facing next season.

Phewww! This was a very long post. Apologies for holding you here and many thanks if you made it thus far. I will be posting on my expectations and predictions for season 7 shortly. Thanks for the love through these ten weeks. Valar Morgulis! Winter has come!

What do you think of the episode and the season? What do you think will happen next? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section. Thanks for reading.

Images Credit : HBO.



      1. It’s like the perfect end for a season. Finally queen Danenerys is travelling to Westeros. And now it is a battle between the females – Cerci, Dany, Sansa & Olena. Of course we have good old Jon Snow there. But season 7 is the battle of the queens. Which makes waiting for the next season very hard. Can’t wait for season 7. Also loved your review. 😁

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah. The show made good from those days when it was derided as misogynistic. So many powerful ladies here. I’d add Arya to the mix too. She has returned to Westeros with a bang and will only make life more difficult for the antagonists from here on.
          I think I’d rewatch the past seasons in anticipation of season 7. He he. Or I might finally get down to reading the books!
          Thanks for your kind words of appreciation regarding the post. 🙂

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  1. The music for this episode was outstanding. In particular, the haunting piano piece from the beginning. The Kings Landing scenes were beautifully shot and perfectly scored to set the ominous tone. I’ve been listening to that piece over and over again actually. I really loved it.

    I wish Cersei had been more gleeful upon seeing the Sept burn. She just looked smug and calm, and I would’ve appreciated a bit more spark (ha!) from Cersei. That’s actually been my major complaint with her portrayal in the show. She doesn’t have the ups and downs of book Cersei. Her expression upon seeing the Sept burn and seeing Tommen’s body was essentially the same. And same with being crowned at the end. I wanted different reactions from her for each of those scenes. She’s a bit too calm here. But I did love Jaime’s look of disgust and horror at the end. Finally they are going this route!

    Thrilled to get the Tower of Joy scene. Confirmation for me of R+L=J. But my husband quickly pointed out that they never verified his father. Just his mother. I’m still calling it confirmed though.

    The King in the North scene was too reminiscent of Robb’s scene in Season 1. While powerful, I was disappointed for it to be so similar.

    I was all set to proclaim this the best episode of GOT I’ve seen, and you know I’m a harsh critic, and then they go and put Varys on Dany’s ship. WTF. There is no continuity of time and travel in this show whatsoever. I don’t know why this surprises me, they haven’t respected time and distance in the past, but really? Varys being in Dorne in one scene and then a few scenes later sailing BACK to Westeros with Dany? That was ridiculous and destroyed the end scene for me. It would be different if there was some indication that time had passed, but there wasn’t.

    I’ll save my thoughts for next season until you post your thoughts. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


      The above link has explanation for the supposed time-travel abilities of Varys and Arya.
      I think I’ll have to seek out that music piece from the internet. I loved it.
      Although Cersei didn’t express her feelings overtly, I think her smug smile/smirk on seeing the Sept burn was cool. As was the mad/angry expression after being crowned. I do think though that the show should have shown her mourning for Tommen, at least in private. I mean you lose your only living child, and you don’t even shed a tear? Incredible to say the least. Then again, the amount of material crammed in this episode didn’t actually leave any space for her mournings, did it? The only way out was to reduce that scene between Cersei and Unella.
      Now the only thing that remains is whether Jaime or Tyrion will kill her.
      I think your hubby is right, and we fans are prematurely going overboard when they haven’t explicitly stated that Rhaegar is the father (ha! We all know the truth, don’t we?).
      Benioff and Weiss said in the “Inside the episode” video for this week that Jon’s ascendancy should make us very worried about him. You see, he has taken the fall once for others’ actions, like Jesus. Now he’s been resurrected. Did Jesus die again in the Bible? (I mean I don’t know. Care to shed some light?).
      I will let the enormity of this episode sink in and (after scouring the internet) post the thoughts then. Looking forward to your views too. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for the link! I don’t quite buy it – seems like an easy way out. They don’t want to think about the time it takes to travel because it’s boring. Understandable (and it would be boring), but, on the one hand you have scene to scene without any time jump and some scenes with massive leaps in between without any mention of time? Or even appearance/costume changes? It makes things hard to follow and feels sloppy.
        For instance, in last week’s episode you’ve got Sansa saying to Ramsay (right before she kills him) about his dogs “you haven’t fed them in 7 days”. Well, assuming this scene takes place immediately following the battle, wouldn’t it be 8 days that the dogs haven’t eaten? And he was knocked out pretty good, so would he immediately wake up from his beating for her to be right there to kill him? In these scenes we’re meant to assume no time has passed, or very little. And then in other scenes we are expected for months to pass (it literally takes months to travel Westeros in the books). And – what happened to Brienne? Wouldn’t she have made it up to Winterfell in time for the final episode? All the Northern lords made it there for the council, and she certainly made it to Riverrun very quickly earlier in the season. She should’ve been at the battle for Winterfell, especially because before she was travelling from The Wall, which is a lot further north than Winterfell. There’s an inconsistency to the timing on things which is just irritating.
        I kind of think Cersei had figured Tommen was lost to her once he joined the faith and declared the end to trial by combat. At least, that is how I took her reaction in episode 8 when Tommen made his decree. But it’s difficult to tell because Lena Headey plays Cersei very quietly. I agree that they probably opted not to show her mourning because of time constraints. And, it is assumed she is mourning, they don’t necessarily have to show a weeping mother. She’s not quite the weeping type. Plus, she also knows it’s her own fault he’s dead. I would’ve liked to have seen a Tommen/Cersei scene after the Sept burning to see how she was going to spin that and manipulate him back to her.
        Interesting thoughts about being worried for Jon. As far as a parallel to Jesus, Jon strikes me as the one person in the series that is wholly good. Almost all of his actions are justified and are “right”. For instance, going after Rickon. Was it the smart thing to do? Absolutely not. (I still don’t know why Ramsay just didn’t shot Jon with an arrow at this point.) Was it brave and probably the right thing to do? Yep. A true hero. He had to try. He went to help someone without thought to his own self. So, this is how I’m taking the Jesus parallels. And Jesus died the one time, rose again (after 3 days), and then ascended to heaven. I don’t think we’ll see Jon being seen as a god by the people of Westeros. But now that you mention it, I can see him possibly self-sacrificing at the end to save all of the people. Interesting …

        Liked by 1 person

        1. It *is* an easy way out. But also, makes for some drama doesn’t it? Or else we’d be stuck with the travails of travelling of the characters. Utterly tedious.
          I do think, now that you mention, that Brienne should have made it to Winterfell, at least for Jon’s coronation if not for the BoB.
          The show’s Cersei generally keeps her feelings inside, especially her tears. And yes, a Tommen/Cersei scene would have been good. But then it’d have led to one of two things : a) either Tommen would have survived this carnage or, b) he’d still have died meaning that, Cersei failed in cajoling him. Either way, I don’t think it’d have had the dramatic weight and huge plot ramifications that Cersei becoming queen has.
          Yes, I concur with you that Jon is the one good person on the show. He might not do the smart things, but he always does what is right. Case in point – going past the wall to Mance’s camp, or going after Rickon. I think Ramsay being Ramsay, he’d have wanted to draw Jon’s death out for as long as possible. I mean what could be better for a psychopathic killer like him than his adversary being trampled under scores of horses and cut down to bones, right? I’m not saying Jon will be revered like a God (far too many of them in the world anyway) but that his story arc might mirror Jesus’ even more. I read it somewhere that Jon is modelled after Jesus and Dany after Moses. See her arc, liberating people from bonds of slavery and taking them to their/her motherland. But all things said and done, I’d like to see Jon survive the show. One death was enough. And I don’t like the look of Dany being crowned the Queen of the World. She’s far too cruel already. If anything, my two cents are on the idea that the White Walker attacks would lead to widespread destruction and loss of life and maybe, just maybe, we’d have a new form of government – democracy! Sounds too far-fetched but it’s a theory alright, one of so many crazy ones out there. 😀

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I think you’re right about a Tommen/Cersei scene. Probably wouldn’t have been as exciting as I think.
    I see what you mean about Ramsay.
    Interesting about Dany being modelled after Moses. I hadn’t ever thought that before!
    I would love to see Jon survive and be King, or head of the democracy. With Tyrion involved too. Jon and Tyrion had a great friendship at the beginning and I’d love to see the two of them interact again.
    Dany is headed towards being a villain I think. She has made some truly questionable decisions and is a little too “kill happy”. Bringing a horde of raping/pillaging Dothraki to Westeros will not make Westeros love her. And it is unlikely the Dothraki will change once they set foot on Westeros. Show Dany seems to be sailing to Westeros to destroy anyone who stands against her – should be interesting next season. Hope we don’t get a full season of her sailing (snooze). So this is where the speeding up of travel will be good – in GOT timeframe she should be in Westeros in the first episode. But where will she land? Is she headed to Dorne?
    And what can stop the dragons? Maybe Sam will find something in his books.
    The wall will need to fall or the walkers will break through the magic barrier next season. I think there are only 13 total episodes left to go? The end will be here soon! Perhaps even sooner than The Winds of Winter book!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A Jon-Tyrion combine would be awesome. But with the way the show has built up Dany’s arc, I don’t think they intend anything other than making her the Queen, and the main hero of the series/Azor Ahai. Three/Four of the seasons have ended with something big in her story, birth of dragons or Breaker of chains or something like that. Even in the Inside the Episode videos, it seems to me like the showrunners have a little too much affection for the character. And frankly, I don’t like the possibility of an outcome where Dany trumps Jon. A collaboration, yes!
      I think she’ll land in Westeros by the end of the second episode. We have only 7 episodes, so they have to use the speeding up process there. I think she’ll head not to Dorne but King’s Landing, since the latter is the most logical place for her to be now. And in all probability, Cersei will be gone from the living world pretty soon.
      I don’t think there’s anything that can stop the dragons, save for the Ice dragons that are said to be set in the wall. Sam will find the definitive answer to finish the White Walkers. That’s the reason why the showrunners have invested so much in his seemingly unnecessary story. Let him spend a few episodes in that gargantuan library and he’ll come up with some gem. Maybe even the secret to making Valyrian Steel (Heartsbane was an easter egg you see).
      I’d like the book to come out before the next season. Book readers like you will get a lot of clarity on the storylines and there’d also be some ideas on what’s going to come in the next two seasons.
      Sorry for the late reply. 🙂

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  3. Interesting thoughts about Dany. Now that you mention that, I tend to agree with you about how they have a little too much affection for her. It’s with this type of foreshadowing and beating over the head with information that makes me hope that they might go in a different direction at the end, but I do think you are right and that they are setting Dany up to rule at the end. After all, that would be the politically correct way to think right (a woman ruling), and this show loves to show women getting their revenge and their version of what makes a woman strong (fighting! blood! revenge!). As much as I like Dany, she really worries me.
    You don’t think they’ll drag Cersei / Jaime showdown out until the end? They dragged on their romance for far too long, it wouldn’t make sense for Jaime to suddenly switch to hatred.
    I sure hope they don’t spend a lot of time on Sam doing research in the library. I don’t think that would be very interesting to watch. That seems like something that would be more interesting to read about than to see on the screen. I do agree with you that he will find something in the library, otherwise wh
    Ice dragons would be SO awesome!! They’ve done a great job with the dragons so far, and the big battle scenes and major scenes to come are going to be visually stunning. After all, they have visually done justice to the books, and there’s no reason to think that quality will drop in the last episodes. Although, they do have a lot to live up to after that season finale! The way those King’s Landing scenes were filmed & edited, combined with the music was spellbinding.
    No worries 🙂 Life happens! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would so love to see her becoming a villain but unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to happen. And yes, as you said, the show loves to put women, particularly the ones who have been oppressed earlier, in positions of power and influence, where they can take their sweet revenge on others. So maybe our wishes aren’t going to come true.
      Your point about Jaime makes me reconsider what I said earlier. Of course it should be tough for him to hate the one person he has loved all his life, and for whom he won’t shy away from putting an infant in a catapult. Plus there’s the fact that the two of them, Lena Headey and Nikolaj, have received bonuses in their pays for the next two seasons. And Jaime looked petrified in that last scene in the throne room. On the other hand, Lena Headey said in an interview to EW after the finale that she doesn’t herself see Cersei surviving for long. She doesn’t have anyone she can lean on either, apart from Qyburn and the Mountain. Who’ll do the governing? But regardless of all this, I concur with you that they’ll possibly drag this, at least for the 7th season. Maybe she’ll meet her demise at the hands of one of her Valonquars (if they write plurals that way in Valyrian 😀 ).
      Regarding Sam, I think his story will be shown in snippets,much like how they’ve shown this past season. That’ll keep viewers interested and not drag the narrative down either.

      I think if they keep the budget for each of the last two seasons as the same as the past ones, we are in for a number of visual treats. Lesser episodes mean higher budget/week. Bring on the battle scenes.
      And yes, they have set a very high benchmark with that last episode. It’ll also help them in scooping up scores of Emmys when the awards are announced later this year. That music- Light of the Seven – I found it on YouTube. I’m listening to it on repeats. 😀 Ramin Djawadi did a spectacular job there, surpassing himself too.

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