मुतलबा (Demand)


सावन कितने ही बीते पर कोयलिया कूकी नहीं,
तेरे रवानगी की देरी थी के बगीचे सूखे नहीं;

हमने बहुत संभाला पर मोतियों की लडी टूटी नहीं,
ताउम्र मय्यतों से उलझे, रातें सुनसान गुजरती रहीं;

कोहरा यूं घना छाया के यादें भी धुंधली पड़ गईं,
समंदर की लहरों से साहिल पे बनी लकीरें मिट गईं;

आज भी जब उन लम्हों को याद करता हूं मैं,
रोम-रोम की शहनाईयों से गूंज-सा जाता हूं मैं;

वो सुबहो-शब सब याद हैं मुझे,
तेरे ऱुख का हर एक पहलू याद है मुझे;

मैं जो कर गुज़रता मेरे दिल की तो आज न ये तबाही के मंज़र होते,
तेरे सपनों के महल मेरे नूर-ए-चश्म होते;

न जाने किस हक़ से तुझसे ये गुहार लगाता हूं,
न जाने किस ख़ुदा को सजदे करता हूं ;

मेरी रूह भी जब जिस्म छोड़ गई मेरा ऐ हबीब,
तुझसे कैसे चाहत का मुतलबा करूं मै ग़रीब!

आहों के अब्र, अश्कों की बरसात देख ले,
फुरसत मिले तो आ मेरे दिन-रात देख ले ।
(फुज़ैल जाफरी)

Translation :
Many monsoons passed but the cuckoo hasn’t sung,
Your departure hastened the drying of the garden;

I tried a lot but the pearl strings didn’t break,
A life spent in funerals, nights spent in solitude;

Fog so thick the memories got blurred,
Lines drawn on the sands taken away by waves;

Even today when I recall those moments,
Goosebumps crawl all over the skin;

I still remember vividly those nights and days,
I have mental images of every expression of your face;

These ruins could’ve been avoided had I done my heart’s bidding,
Your dreams would have been the cynosure of my eyes;

I have no idea under what right I’m begging you for this,
I have no idea which God I’m praying to;

When even my soul left this body my darling,
How then could this destitute demand affection from you !

See the clouds of my moans, the rain of my tears,
If you get a break, come and see my days and nights.
– Fuzail Jafri.

P.S. – If you liked this post, here’s another poem – a request to a fellow blogger suffering a personal loss :

Stay Strong – http://wp.me/p6I4gE-rj

Thanks for reading.



            1. I read somewhere that good poetry isn’t dependent on rhyming. And this is the second suggestion you’re passing up I guess, though I can’t recall what the first was. But yes, I think there’s no harm in you trying poetry. If it comes off, great. If not, you’d still have a post and the satisfaction of having given your best to it, no?

              As for my poems, even I’m in waiting mode at the moment. 😀

              Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. 😊

      I don’t have an answer to that. I guess it’s partly because I’m weak at Urdu myself (despite being in love with its sounds and pronunciations) and partly because poetry doesn’t come naturally to me, unlike prose. But yes, I can and should try to do it more. No harm in trying.
      Fuzail Zafri is the guy who has written those two lines at the end. The poem is my creation, but I felt like I had to add that line too. The difference in tone and quality is stark too, between the two author’s works. 😝😁😁

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah, well, the themes are similar, I agree with that. And if you didn’t notice any difference, thank you for that. 😁

          I’ll try to do something about writing more Hindi-Urdu poetry. Thanks for the encouragement. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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