Water, Water Everywhere

29th July i.e., tomorrow, will be a year to the day when rain wreaked havoc on my city. It had been raining continuously from 4 pm of the previous afternoon, and by morning, it became clear that the one-day-in-a-year deluge we seemed to have been experiencing for the past few years was going to be that day.
Electricity lines and mobile networks went down. Rain led to huge financial losses for the citizens and the businessmen, with water logging in the low-lying areas. Thankfully, by midnight, supply was restored in most parts of the city due to the tireless efforts of the power suppliers, a semi-government corporation I must add. By afternoon next day, situation had crawled back to normal.

Rain is beautiful when it follows a long period of stifling heat and humidity, a creator like Lord Vishnu. But once it decides to outstay its welcome, it takes the form of the destroyer, Lord Shiva. The town planners and municipality share the blame too for not taking steps for waste and rainwater management.

And life goes on. As we say, Raambharose Hindustan (God save India!).

Posted for the Mundane Monday Challenge by Photrablogger which aims to find beauty in everyday things, although even the optimist in me struggles to find the beauty in this image. Perhaps you can help.🤔

Oh, and guess where the title’s been taken from?


  1. the only positive-ish thing I can say is the technology may not be working but at least the houses seem safe and people (hopefully) haven’t died. 🙂 -Hope mother nature decides to balance out her plenty outpouring of rain onto another country in much need of water. Take care 🙂

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    1. I think there wasn’t any casualties. So yes, despite the literal gloom, there is some positivity.

      As for Mother Nature, I think she’s tired of our transgressions and difficult as it is for us, she’s giving us a sample of what she faces regularly.

      Thanks for the perspective. Have a great day. 🙂

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    1. Exactly! I thought no one was going to answer that. 😁

      I’ve only read that poem, that too in abridged form in school. But I loved it.
      This year has been good in terms of the light showers, but there hasn’t been a sustained spell of rain. The weather is fine though, cooler than the summer. A bit of rain would be great though.

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      1. I have read Kubla Khan, Christabel. I used to borrow books from my English literature friends to read poetry ☺
        I hope the rainfall is enough for your region because it tends to be very hot and dry.

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        1. And I have never even heard of them. I used to read all the chapters of my English and Hindi literature books in school even before the term started. But once I got to college, I had to subsist on novels, mostly the contemporary ones. I’m thinking of getting the classics now. Must read the best of them, shouldn’t I?

          Let’s see what happens with the rain. A good spell would be very welcome but maybe Lord Indra has something else in his mind.

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          1. I too used to read my text books well in advance and then other people’s as well. Most of the literature I read was through borrowed books and from prescribed college texts bought from second hand book stores. For the longest time, I read only classics. But, when I started reading contemporary literature, I was amazed at its richness.
            As for rain, there is still one entire month of the monsoon. It might catch up ☺

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              1. Yeah I accept it involves a lot of effort. And leaving a book midway after finding it too bad for your taste feels so bad. But I guess you could take the help of the internet and the various book fora to guide you along. I do that, and it has largely kept me in good stead till now. 😊

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              2. That’s great. I think there’s a bit of confusion here. Book fora (forum) was meant as a general word, encompassing goodreads and others too.
                I use Wikipedia. Open the page for a good book or author and read from there. Or open the page for an award, like the CWA Gold Dagger Award.
                You’ll get a lot of recommendations from these.

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    1. Oh yes! It was back to normal in a few weeks time only. Since we have a pretty dry climate here, that much rain is not a problem in the long run.
      Thanks for reading and the comment. Happy blogging. God bless. 🙂


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