Musingsite’s Double Century

Yesterday I received this 👆 notification from the WP team congratulating me on getting 200 followers on this blog. Took a second to pat my own (figurative ) back.😂😂😂
I want to thank all the amazing people who have taken pains to follow this mundane blog plus the non-blogging readers who care to drop by from time to time to read and engage with their views and suggestions on my ramblings and rantings. Thanks guys, you lot are great!

In numerical terms, it took Musingsite 115 days to score its double century from the day it scored its maiden ton in blogosphere, as I mentioned in this blog post. So 160 for the first 50, 75 for the next 50, and 115 for the next 100. I guess the gears are being cranked up nicely along.

In this euphoria, I wouldn’t want to forget the pillars of strength I’ve had. My brother of course, who’s been one of the most devoted readers of all sorts of good, bad and weird posts I’ve come up with as also the inspiration for my dabbling in poetry (wish I could wax lyrically like him!). My friend Deepak who was on hand to provide both pats and brickbats, apart from proofreading, when Musingsite and Bloggeray were taking their baby steps.

Finally, I’m thankful to WordPress for providing me with an opportunity to meet people who’re not just great writers but tremendous human beings as well, guys like SonaVamagandhi and Neha, to name a few.

One last thing, count your blessings before you whine about your misfortune. Stay happy, keep smiling. May Lord Krishna bless you on this day and henceforth. Happy Janmashtami!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Congratulations my blogging friend…well done and well deserved. I wish I could pop across more often. Mind you, I say that a lot these days; time is an evil beast indeed. Keep it up 😊

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  2. It is always a good feeling to have wonderful people signing up to read what you have to say. 200 is a good celebration point.
    Keep up the good work and may you have many more wonderful milestones to celebrate!

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