Calling It A Day

A bird makes the final rounds before settling for the day, getting signals from the Sun that its time.

Thanks to Trablogger for the tips he provided here. The link helped immensely in getting this shot. Smartphone photography enthusiasts would do well to check it out. Thanks to Sona too for cropping the image to maintain the ‘rule of the third,’ another point which Trablogger has touched on on his blog.

Its been a long gap but here I’m again with a post for the Mundane Monday Challenge.


            1. Your quotes post, the one I commented on, has a photograph. It has a quote and your name at the bottom. I haven’t heard of any philosopher of that name, so it wasn’t very hard to guess it must be you. 😁😁😁

              Thank you for the appreciation. 😊

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              1. I guess you should dump Biology and take up Cryptology in your graduation.😂😂😂

                You’re so deftly mixing God and, ahem, someone else, with that use of upper case and capitals. 😂😂

                I’m chuckling again!

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              2. Ha ha. Ah, yes. Honestly, that wasn’t intentional when I put that pic up. I didn’t have one half-decent photograph and I had no idea what I was putting up. 😆😆
                I think more than anything, you were trying to dodge and slip away from the question I put forth. Now that won’t do. You’ve been caught.

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              3. My goodness! I hate to break it to you, young lady, but I miss the times when life was this philosophically melodramatic. Sachhi. 😆😆😁😁

                Nazar rukne se kya hota hai? Nazarein milni chahiye, hai na?

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              4. Hey Ram! There you go, again. What I said earlier is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I’m in the same boat as you. There is absolutely no one jisse nazrein mile. That was to counter the expression you used in the preceding comment. Sigh!

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              5. And what did I say? I said in the beginning, I’m in the same boat as you.
                Now being writers, if we were to say things normally , it’d defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it?

                As for my soul, God knows better than it. I guess soul is a romanticism of the mind. Crap, I slipped into a rant, again!😁😁😁

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              6. I’m telling the truth. I’ve done just that the whole evening. While in Rome, do as the Romans do. This is a very famous proverb. You took it literally too, like you did some replies earlier. And then you say I’ve started again. 😂😂😂😂

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              7. Seeing as you are smart enough to be going for a doctorate, I guess you’d have got the meaning, honest to God! Plus, think of what would Rome be doing in a conversation about Gujarat. Hmm?

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              8. 😂😂😂😂😂
                Well, you can okay Dandiya in Gujarat too, I guess that’s possible, yes!

                And there’s no rule that stops members of one gender to play with their friends of the same gender, meaning that I played with my friends, boys. I guess that answers your cryptic and really funny question.

                Tell me, why haven’t your eyes locked with someone yet, eh?

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              9. Tell you what, we’ve been chatting in a comments section for far too long. I just checked and you have the 4th highest number of visitor comments on the blog. 😁😁😁😁

                If its not a bother, mail me at

                Logic and reasoning, well, I guess most of the world, the science world at least, is governed by them.

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