Short Film Review – One Of Too Many : Part I

**I received an e-mail request from the filmmaker for the review.**
Synopsis : One Of Too Many : Part I is a short film about a mass murderer. It is the first of a three part miniseries about mass shootings. The film follows a middle-aged white guy, Nick, as he devolves into a killer.

Review : The film opens with Nick (Henry Storrs) meeting his psychiatrist (Zuhairah McGill) at her home. He recounts the story of his dog when he was growing up. The dog, Rusty, was extremely scared and disciplined. He was in an abusive house earlier and his owner ensured that he learnt proper behaviour. When asked whether the dog owner was wrong in his methods, Nick says maybe he didn’t have many options. Nick is a person with a volatile temper who thinks he can judge what punishment people should receive for their wrongs. His private life is a mess because of the growing violence in his attitude.

The thing which struck me most about the movie was the way it has been shot. Clean, crisp frames have been expositioned excellently. A background score that complements the tension onscreen adds to the experience. And then there’s the story.

The approach the filmmaker has here, of looking at how people – normal, everyday people – commit acts of mass murder, is great. Ms. Amber Robinson’s film shows how there always are signs around such people that we, unfortunately, choose to ignore. The film gives us a subtle peek into the mind of such a person and simultaneously raises questions of its own. Like what ought to be the response to acts of apathy and violence? Are we, as a society, inadvertently complicit in acts of mass murder? What should we do when we feel helpless against crime? Is vigilantism the right thing?

For a 21-minute long film, One Of Too Many : Part I is a superlative film that forces us to look inside the mind of a mass murderer.

Genre : Psychological Drama, Crime.

Rating : 3.5/5.

Here’s the trailer for the film :

Have you watched One Of Too Many : Part I ? What are your views on it, and the review? Kindly share in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


              1. He he. I’ve heard of and read the last two. The rest I’ve only heard of in passing.
                I love spy fiction, crime and drama. No favourites as such, although I love Len Deighton’s work.

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              2. I love movies. Most genres. Crime, Drama, Superhero, Thriller, sci-fi, I like all. Romance and horror aren’t my preferred ones, although I do watch a movie if it is good, regardless of the genre. You?

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  1. The trailer looks interesting! Your review gives a peek into the story, which is very close to reality. Psychological disturbances can sometimes lead to violent reactions. I like the motive behind this film. Will watch it over the weekend. As always, your writing is on point! 🙂

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