The Bot-Spammed Feedback



I have a confession to make. I love it when you guys comment on my posts. Not a big secret, is it? Heh. Anyway, the much-awaited comments became a minor concern yesterday for me.

Have a look :


I received this “comment” some time around 11:30 am yesterday. It was on this short film review. The comment talks about injecting “politics in a food blog.” Yes, yes. Wait, what? What the heck is this girl talking about? Are you for real, lady?

And she also brackets me among “celebrities,” as if I’m the print version of a three-star Michelin chef. But yes, that didn’t feel bad. 😀

It was almost instantly followed by this one :


This is where things get even quirky. This comment is purportedly on this book review. This “Kailey” talks about Beyonce and songs, music and keys – the last of which I have absolutely no frigging idea about.

A couple hours later, I received another 2-3 comments like these. None of them made any sense to me and weren’t even remotely associated with the post on which they were supposedly made. I did the one sane thing I felt I should – unapproved and dumped them in the spam folder. By the time I slept last night, I had received 23 of these comments. And they were on all kinds of posts and not — like the first two — just on reviews. And when I checked my spam folder, there were many more of these from the past few days. My concern is – Why didn’t WordPress filter these spam comments yesterday?

I checked my mail ID. Like all of you bloggers, I too get mails whenever I receive notifications on the blog, except for the follows (for some reason, I don’t get mails for new follows anymore). The e-mail IDs for them were weird and a lot of the supposedly-different commenters had the same IP address.Check this out :


So Blue and Lottie, despite having separate websites and separate email IDs, had the same IP address. And the same Quixotic level of stupidity to boot. Bravo!

My paranoia was so actively working that when I finally received a notification for a genuine comment, I initially mistook it to be another of these fake ones. Poor me! But then I saw the gravatar image of the person commenting and recognized her to be a genuine, living and breathing human being. Hmph! Apologies dear,in case you are reading this.

So I ask you, dear reader, what do you think happened yesterday to my WordPress account? Was it “simply” a case of spamming? Why so many bots? And — God forbid — was there some sort of hacking or other ulterior, clandestine motive at work? Please tell me.

When (not if) was the last time you were spammed? (I know, right?) Please tell me how your experience was and what you did about it.

Thanks for reading.

I’ll leave you with this. Hasta La Vista, Baby!




  1. Quite an attack! 23 comments in a day is rather high. The spam is usually filtered by WordPress and it is interesting to make a periodic visit to the spam folder to see what the spammers are thinking of our posts.
    I often manage to find some comments from my real and genuine friends there as well.
    And how are the bots today?

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  2. Lol! So how are you recovering after the attack? XD 23 is pretty high and should have ideally been filtered for spam by WP. But WP has been known to be pretty sad sometimes. I haven’t had a spam attack, but I do have such comments in my spam folder often enough to drive me batty. One was from an escort agency in Turkey (rolls eyes) and there’s this Psychic and Astrology website that sings praises of my work, and guess which post it targets everytime? My Happy New year post which has only pics in it :-/

    I hope you don’t get spammed again. It just takes the fun out of receiving honest comments.

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    1. Your spammers are so much more saucy than mine that I’m jealous! 😝😝
      Mine are rather drab.
      Maybe they feel they should do the appreciation thing that we writers so crave. 😁😁😁
      I’m okay now. But dreading a relapse of the problem. B

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      1. Saucy? If I were a guy, I’d may have appreciated an Escort Agency approaching me. But being a woman I couldn’t help but cringe 😀 😀 They have something called Aksimet on WP for spam. Check if it’s working. Generally it automatically blocks spam. In my case it has blocked some genuine bloggers too *rolls eyes*, but you never know if it got accidentally turned off or something.

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        1. Well, that agency offer should work for all, not just men, in these enlightened times. 😝😝
          Akismet is showing to be working on my blog. In fact, it also says that it has saved the blog from a lot of spams. God knows how it’s missed these.
          And yes, that blocking-real-bloggers has happened to me too.

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  3. 😂😂😂 23 comments in a day!! Spammers must have had a blast 😂
    There is an option to check spam and filter unwanted comments. You can provide an option of ‘must have a gravatar/WordPress ID to comment’ , it’s available in the settings. That filters out a lot of spam. 😀

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    1. Thanks a lot for commenting. 😊
      The problem is that using a filter like that will cut out the comments from non-blogging readers too, the people who comment via an email login.
      Thankfully, the spamming trouble is at bay now. I guess the bots felt shamed by their public naming and praise of their intelligence. 😝😝😂


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