The Underside Of A Spire

Two facts, first up :
1. I have zero idea about architecture.

2. Architecture can be art.

Now, these statements might sound contradictory but they are not. As proof, here’s this week’s entry for the Mundane Monday Challenge. The image I have used is the underview of one of the spires of a nearby building, which happens to be my Alma Mater. The building was designed by a Catholic guy who (probably) took inspiration from church spires. At least that’s what my first impression was. I tried capturing it from the ground and first floors but with the phone camera, that didn’t quite work out. From the second floor, though, I found something close to what I wanted.

So, without further delay, here it is :

Gaze at it.

Wonderful, innit?

No matter where your eyes start, they are drawn to the centre of the spire. I’d like to know of any underlying philosophical meaning there might be in this pattern. So all you philosophers out there, hop over to the comments. 😊

P.S. – I apologise to all my readers and the bloggers whose excellent websites I follow for not being blogospherically-present. Some urgent work has cropped up in the non-blogging world and it has demanded that I put other things by the side. I still hope to be able to read and write sporadically. Happy blogging everyone.

Thank you for reading. Keep smiling. πŸ˜€


  1. This photo is gorgeous… And yes it has a meaning to it…. Symmetry is in everything! mean it looks cool,like a mandala.

    On another note, whatever is keeping you back from the blogging world,all the best for it 😊

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