Short Film Review – One Of Too Many : Part 2

Synopsis : The second part of the trilogy focusses on the family and friends that a mass shooter leaves behind.

Review : Towards the end of this film, there’s a revealing scene. Carol’s sister tries to exhort her to forget what happened and move on. Her initial response to that captures what family members of criminals in general, and mass murderers in particular, go through.

Director Amber Robinson returns with the second part of her trilogy. This one focuses on the friends and family left behind by Nick. The central character, the one who is suffering the most, is Nick’s widow Carol, played magnificently by Jacqueline King-Howell. Coupled with the script that keeps her arc front and centre, Ms. King-Howell’s performance makes the viewer empathise with Carol, even if the same can’t be said of her sister and Nick’s brother. Both characters, specially Nick’s brother, suffer from the inadequate performances of the actors playing them. It doesn’t help that he behaves like a jerk with his own wife, who totally sympathizes with him, and is hurting as much, if not more.

The film showcases the whole cycle of emotions that people go through in these conditions. From the initial shock and disbelief to blaming oneself for the actions of the killer, characters break down and struggle throughout.

The cinematography and background score are top-notch again. The pain and the bewilderment are brought out well. The frames are sharp, just like in the first film.

A sore point was the overabundance of exposition in the early part of the film. Things were told, not shown. That said, once the film found its rhythm, it maintained that till the credits rolled, with a promise of a bright final installment. The writer-director picked up the slack well in time.

If I had to harp on the themes, I’d say the first film alluded to “Hell.” This one was “Purgatory,” so to say. I’m excited for “Heaven.”

Verdict : One of Too Many : Part 2 is an acute examination of the lives that are left broken in the wake of a mass shooting and promises greater heights for its director. A recommended watch.

Genre : Drama, Psychology.

Rating : ⭐⭐⭐1/2

If you haven’t watched One of Too Many : Part 2 yet, you can watch it here :

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