Alive and Kicking – A Poem

Flaws are cognitive, eternal, effusive,
Hardly glitchy, ought not be twitchy,
Ground, aground, all around.

Chose to flow, mistakes say hello,
Someone shooed, why you brood,
Rickety, raggedy, nuggety breaks.

Acceptance matters, it’s not natter,
Life goes irrationally, don’t float berserkly,
Huff, puff, call that bluff.

Growing up isn’t fun, setbacks part of plan,
Long waits, so much hate,
bait, gait, stand straight.

Fell down, got up, crashed, rebooted,
Slipped, knocked down, didn’t stay rooted,
Caught in a swamp? Arise, you’re no tramp.

Learning has to perpetuate, do not ever stagnate,
Acknowledge mistakes, and the stakes,
Doom, gloom, make some room.

Sink again, shine again,
Whatever happens, rise again.

Thanks for reading.


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