Cherish The Day – A2Z – Poetry

‘Tis then the day,
When flowers bloom away,
The brooms hold sway,
Darkness is less grey,
Light enters the fray,
Life fights not as prey,
But as a hunter shouting, hooray,

‘Tis then the time,
For cleaning the grime,
Making some more dime,
‘coz real life isn’t mime,

‘Tis then the belief,
In the beauty of each leaf,
Letting go of grief,
And not keeping past beef,

‘Tis then when it’s spring,
When winter is going,
Sunmer yet to be coming,
But, the window’s closing,

Endless summer, bleak winter,
Balance of weather, whether,
Rains hither and thither,
Crops and lives getting no breather,

For it’s climate change, ahoy,
Soon, spring might vanish, boy,
No upliftment, no buoy,
So cherish ye, this fleeting joy,


‘Tis is the day.

How do you feel about the transience of life? Do share in the comments section.

Thanks for reading.


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