An Eventless Ghost Chat Over Tea – A2Z (Fiction)



“I’m ‘dead.’”

“And I’m ‘killed.’”

“I’ve seen you in our English class, sitting besides Shakespeare and Yeats.”

“So have I, in the Hindi class, with Premchand and Nirala.”

“Which branch?”

“Keto Diet.”



“Dieting For Ghosts.”

“Fat good these branches will do us.”

“Yeah, um…”

She looks at him.

He glances towards her.

She smiles.

He smiles back.

He licks his lips, taking a quick breath.

“So, uh, what…what kind of songs do you like?”

“My favourites these days are Gothic and Grunge.”

“Nice,” he said, nodding his head and cocking his eyebrows.

“And you?”

“I’m more into Billie Eilish.”

“Ooh, trendy.”

“Yeah.” A nervous laugh.

“D’you like movies?”


“I watched that new horror release last week.”

“How’s it? Any good?”

“It’s fine. One-time watch.”

“I haven’t been to the theatres for the longest time.”

“Which was your last film in a cinema?”

“Um, I dunno. The Exorcist, maybe?”

“When did that release?”

“Haven’t you heard of it?”


“Forget it, then.”

“Okay.” She shrugged.

“Wanna have coffee? In the canteen?”

“I’m more of a tea person.”

“Tea is love. Let’s go.”

“Um, okay.”


“How long have you been here?”

“Maybe some 45-50 years. You?”

“Gosh, who remembers? Oh, I witnessed the foundation stone-laying here.”

“That was in 1970.”


“Want to go out tonight?”

“Maybe. Your treat?”

“Blood & meat.”

“I want an extra layer of fava beans and chianti.”


The End.

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This post is part of the Blogchatter A2Z, running through the month of April.

Thanks for reading.


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