Hung From A Spider Web — A2Z (Fiction)

I was stuck on what to write. Searching for an answer, I landed on this image prompt. Courtesy : Pinterest.

I had to make the jump. I had to change firms.

My clothes were so far out of fashion, they resembled a bullock cart on an F1 track. I needed to overhaul the wardrobe every single season.

My friends had all enjoyed at least one trip to Europe each. I had to go too, somehow.

My colleagues were getting SUVs and sports cars. I was still stuck on a compact sedan.

I had long since passed the carefree glories of new youth. My age was rapidly transitioning to a distinctly unfashionable group.

And I had nothing of note to speak of, as far as achievements were concerned.

That same sales job.

That same daily rush.

That same old pressure to meet unreal targets.

Suspended from pieces of spider web, I hung there. Too afraid to breathe.

I had forgotten that my 20s had passed me by. My 30s will too.

I had forgotten that I didn’t need the SUV.

I had forgotten that the Europe trip will take care of itself one day.

I had forgotten that I had a family, that I had friendships. They had helped me survive so far, and will surely do so in the future too.

I had to cut down the pieces of the spider web.

I had to breathe.

The End.

What kind of spider webs do you wish you cut down? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I was stuck working in the IT field for 30 years and finally cut the threads of the spider’s web and decided to take up writing full time. Ihave been on the lookout for content management positions for one year now but people hesitate to employ a man in his fifties. Still hoping to get a breakthrough soon.

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    1. It is a brave decision you’ve taken. I can fully understand how hard it must be for you to get positions now, to convince executives that you’ve got what it takes. All I can say is, my very best wishes to you. 🙂


  2. Amazing depiction of the middle-aged limbo or mid-life crisis that we all have faced. From your picture, you seem very young. It’s amazing how you have penned down the emotions of someone passing through phases of life. Well done!
    #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter #BlogchatterA2Z

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  3. I took the decision to start my own business when I turned 30. The corporate life was good in the 20s but I felt 30 was a good time to do something other than report to someone. It’s been 8 years since, I have a successful business and the greatest of all bonuses – I rediscovered my passion for writing.

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