Mad Paradox Of Life — A2Z (Poetry)

Follow your passion, he said,

Back your instincts, you’re not staid,

Don’t bother about money,

Let ’em call you looney,

The world will keep on spinning,

Even if you’re not running,

See what you have, blessed,

Don’t let conditions make you stressed.

But it isn’t as straight,

It is rarely ever as great,

Yes, we’ve all got to struggle,

But even for that, there’s trouble,

When you have mouths to feed,

Even without self-greed,

When the present binds you down,

You don’t dream of dreams, but frown,

When every dream is worth chasing,

Yet your legs are in waitin’,

You don’t not want to follow your passion,

But dreams die, not everyone has a mansion,

Hey, if this poem seems glum,

And the outlook is in the doldrums,

Don’t worry, my friend,

This is a mere trend,

For this too shall pass,

You do have class,

Keep alive the dream,

Them & you, you’re a team,

Every chance you get, it’s a treat.

Responsibilities, yes, but breathe.

This poem is published as part of the Blogchatter A2Z.

Thanks for reading.


    1. Don’t we all? 🙂

      I messed up when I was preparing the sequence of the posts. I realised today that this poem coming out now could be trouble.

      Good news is, the story returns tomorrow for three chapters on consecutive days.

      Thanks for the support. 🙂


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