Zeest — A2Z

Life has a cycle. So does a day. Both start young, with a lot of promise. Both can be mixed bags. Both have to end. We remember both by what they gave us, what we could salvage from the shifting sands of time, and hold close to our hearts as souvenirs.

Like X and Y, I was clueless about Z too, until this idea struck me five minutes ago. A2Z comes to an end today. Musingsite has an unprecedented number of posts and interactions this month. I have discovered many fine blogs and bloggers, whose posts have enriched my days and expanded my knowledge and understanding of things. Their heartfelt comments have spurred me to do better every day. I thank each and every one of them — bloggers, general readers and well-wishers — who’ve joined me on this journey. Not to be too dramatic, but as Irrfan Khan’s way-too-soon demise has shown us, we are only sure of the life we have today. Why not celebrate it, cherish it, and take joy? The day will end, we don’t know when, but till the sun is painting the sky in vivid hues, why not bask in the colours?

P. S. – The word zeest means life in Urdu.

Image courtesy : Myself.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z Challenge!
    I didn’t read the rest of your series but I like the positive note you have ended it on. Let’s enjoy life and make the most of it while we can.

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  2. Wow…this was an amazing way to end the series. A beautiful thought and what a lovely sky there…I was happy to explore this blog, hope to read more in the future and my best wishes!!

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  3. Carpe diem, what else!
    Your blog was one of the lucky discoveries for me. I was instantly hooked to your style of writing and variety that you had to offer to the reader. Keep the good work, young man! Lets keep in touch.
    Heartiest congratulations for successfully completing the challenge in great stride and style! I wish you all the best for all future endeavors.

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    1. A2Z helped me find wonderful blogs like yours, so the jubilation is mutual.

      Congratulations to you too for finishing the challenge. Here’s hoping you get to take your blog and your stories to the widest audience!

      Thank you for all the appreciation and the regular readership and feedback on the posts. Cheers! πŸ™‚

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  4. I am glad to have tumbled upon your blog through the A2Z challenge. I did miss reading a few posts which I hope to catch up upon soon. So congrats on completing the challenge… Till our paths cross again πŸ™‚

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  5. Congratulations Ajit for surviving the challenge. Glad to have come across your blog. The mystery series was wonderfully crafted. Hope you will consider writing more pieces of flash.

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    1. Thank you for the constant appreciation and feedback throughout the Challenge, and particularly during the time I was writing the series. Your comment on the day I posted a poem after the first part, that you were hoping for the second part, spurred me to finish the series in one go, which is surely how it ought to be.

      I also hope that I’ll keep writing more stories, and hope you’ll keep up the good work on your blog as well.

      Discovering your blog was a joy.

      Best wishes. πŸ™‚

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