The Blogchatter Ebook Library – Joys of a Revamp

A couple of months back, Blogchatter revamped their website – new UI, new layout, new logo, BlogRolls(!), the works. The makeover brought an updated version of the Blogchatter Ebook Library too. I took a peek at that, and here are my thoughts on why it’s such a cool thing on the site.

Ease of Navigation:

The first thing you notice in the library is how easy it is to find books of your own taste. Click on the library link at the top left of the homepage, and lo, you’re provided with options. Have a look:

You can either select your genre of choice, or use the page navigation provided at the bottom. Easy peasy.

Diverse Genres, Easy Reads:

There are 45 books on the library, ranging from travel guides to health and fitness DIYs to romance reads and more. All the books are in English. Most of these books are breezy reads, in lucid language, and short enough so you could finish them over an extended cuppa or two.

Author Profile:

It’s also easy to check out all of a particular author’s works on the site, from books to BlogRolls to guest posts. All one needs to do is click on the author’s icon. It’s a simple thing, yes, but a simple thing done well, and that’s what’s comforting.

Book Creatives:

You get to a book and wonder what it might be about. You’re thinking of downloading it but unsure about the contents and quality. Let the book creatives help you with that.

Image: Book creative on the library homepage.

These creatives are available with the preview on the library homepage as well as on the book’s own page. The former has a crisp, one-line description of the book.

Image: Creative on the book’s page.

The latter has a detailed synopsis of the book. They both also have short descriptions of the book’s high points. These high points are excerpts from the book’s review, by community reviewers.

Glance through the showcase, and hit download!

Rate and Review:

After one finishes reading a book, the option to post a quick review and rate it is available too, meaning the reader can share his/her frank thoughts on the book, and the author can have clear feedback. Win-win situation.

All in all, if you haven’t visited the Blogchatter Ebook Library yet, do go round. It’s well worth your time.

P. S. While you’re on a reading spree, don’t forget to check out my book there – Who Killed Nina Daruwalla? It’s a saucy murder mystery set in humid Mumbai. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Thank you for reading.

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