The Road Owners

IMG_20160716_180450.jpgIt isn’t a secret that we Indians are some of the worst road rules offenders in the world (okay! That’s not from any stats, but I’m pretty darn confident we’d be in the top 5 worldwide).
The image here shows a family on a scooter who’ve comfortably dropped anchor right on the road, completely oblivious to the traffic around them since the road’s possibly their paternal property. With “exemplary” cases like these, is it really surprising that the 2nd most populous country in the world is also the one with probably the most road deaths every year ?(That last line was inspired from Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice 😁😁 ).

Plus notice the vehicles parked ON the road in the background too. Pure bliss!

Photo captured with my Oneplus One.
Posted for the  Mundane Monday Challenge by Photrablogger.


  1. The road as paternal property, indeed! 😀
    Parking on the road is pure bliss, of course, because that way no one needs to go in search of a parking spot and the vehicle is handy especially when they need to buy from the roadside vendors who are also somewhat parked on the road 😛

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    1. Tsk tsk! The thing I was highlighting as a malaise in our society, you make it sound like a must-do event. 😁

      How would you react if I told you that I was thinking of your return to blogging this very morning? Should give you an idea about how much I was looking forward to it, if nothing else.
      BTW, that parking on road for dealing with vendors be like, “Bhaiya do plate panipuri dena!” 😁😁

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      1. ‘Do plate pani puri’ sounds tempting 😉 my motto is to enjoy the situation until you can remedy it.
        Oh, you were thinking about me getting back to blogging… That’s so nice of you☺ so, here I am!

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        1. A vehicle on road is already a situation, no?

          Yeah I was 😊. And it felt nice to read that post on Tagore. Looking forward to more, plus the collaboration we talked about. Shoot me a mail when you’re free.

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