Dazzled By Darkness – A Poem

As I stared in those eyes to question,

They blinked away in unbound tension,

Bore into them to find what they were asking,

The eyes that had no trace of the living,

It was a vicious cycle that my proximity bred,

Choking down till it was dead,

I knew darkness always lurked an inch beneath,

Its push growing stronger with each passing breath,

Once upon I was the loveliest accident,

Had no idea of my murkiness unspent,

The way I could be obnoxious for some time,

Foul and vitriolic with that mental grime,

The dazzling light had tenebrific shadows,

Condemning us both to the infernal meadows!


  1. I feel like the person being described here, is in one of those “evil spells”, that you see in those horror/thriller films. The moment where they are about to kill someone, and the victim doesnt know yet; until they look into the antagonist’s eyes. good stuff.

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  2. lol. I have a vivid imagination. Whenever I read a poem, I kind of let my mind wonder, and I let my gut tell me whats going on. Then Ill try and interpret the words. If that makes sense.

    Thanks for your kind response.

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