What Makes Us Human? – A Poem

I listened to the wind and the sun,

The moon, rivers and the trees, all done,

Lent an ear to the cars and the bike,

The extravagant variety of IC engines that lie,

And I asked the elderly and the kid,

The teacher and the saint and the beggar, I did,

For the answers to my query had to be there.

Can’t say there was much luck,

Opinions, manifestations, creations, plus ideas from schmucks,

The tree said, “Sit in my shade and you’ll know,”

The river said, “Roll in my bosom and you’ll know,”

The beggar said, “Give me a loaf of bread and you’ll know,”

The saint professed, “Pray to Him and you’ll know.”

And so on and so forth, the cycle went on,

Some straight, some con,

I bothered anyone who listened or read,

I kept walking, earning my daily bread.

I ran, laughed, stumbled, even fell like a toy,

I cried and loved, with tears of both despair and joy,

At some point, confusion concocted tedium,

I lied down, knocking for blissful delirium,

An angel came, whispered in my ear,

“What is it that ye seek, my dear?”

When I told her my doubt, she smiled, “All that you do, or might!”

I smiled at her, “right,”  and then there was light.

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Hi there, everyone, been nearly two months since I’ve been MIA. Will try to pop up on your Reader regularly.

Thank you all for the showering of love on the blog all this time. Much obliged. _/\_

** Thanks for reading. **


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